A few weeks ago we had the pleasure of investigating one of the UK most haunted pubs, the Ye Olde Salutation Inn in Nottingham.

Ye Olde Salutation Inn, one of the city’s oldest pubs, is built over a system of caves dated back to the 9th century.


Rosie, a young flower seller, is perhaps the most infamous of the Sal’s resident spirits. Local legend says she was accidentally struck by a carriage in the courtyard when she was four or five years old.

After the accident, she was carried down to the caves to keep her cool and comfortable until the doctor arrived but, tragically, she died before the he could get there.

Soon afterwards, customers at the pub started to complain about being scratched. They all had four small scratch marks, as though they had been scratched by a child.

This continued over a two-week period until the landlord of the pub took a doll down to the cave and left it there for Rosie. The scratching stopped and since then, customers and staff have continued to take dolls and teddy bears down to the cave as presents for Rosie.

We investigated the attic area of the pub, which admittly was very quiet, we had a break and decided to do a session in the Cromwell Room before heading to the caves. Simon had gone to the bar and remained at the bar until we shouted him to come into the room, he had sat down and remained sat while we set pieces of equipment up. Just before we started the Facebook live for investigation footage, he noticed scratches on his arm which wasn’t there before and had only just noticed these has they seem to burn. He actually felt quite silly mentioning these, but doesn’t think he had done them on anything so what or who had done these?

Had Rosie done this?

We didn’t get much communication or intelligence from the Cromwell Room so we decided to end the live and end for the caves. Unfortunately, there is no signal while in the caves so we had to record footage.

While down there we seem to capture a little girls voice, this was at times audible to us. This Phenomenon is very rare and something we have only experienced a hand full of times of our years investigating the paranormal.

We didn’t have any objects triggered but if I’m honest we didn’t need too, the audible voice coming through was enough to convince us that indeed the salutation Inn is indeed in our opinion one of the most haunted locations in the UK, and what we heard we most definitely believe could be that of Rosie.

Other ghostly reports

It isn’t just Rosie who is alleged to haunt the Inn, it is believed that 3 former landlords all named John seem to linger amongst the spirits here.

One is said to have hung himself upstairs, one accidentally poisoned himself and his family when he prepared a meal after handling rat poison (he died but his family survived), and one fell down the cellar steps and broke his neck.

It is said that which ever John is said to haunt he pub, John is fastidious about the cleanliness of the cellar. If it’s not absolutely spotless he slams doors and throws things.

Other sightings at the pub include a pirate who is said to have fallen into the well and drowned when he was hiding in one of the caves, and a highwayman who can sometimes be seen drinking at the ground floor bar.

There are even stories of a legion of Roman soldiers who have been seen emerging from the wall, marching through the cellar and disappearing into the wall on the opposite side.


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