Lindum Terrance Mental Health Home

Lindum Terrance Mental Health Home

Lindum Terrace Mental Health Home | Urban Exploring

Been meaning to cross this abandoned beauty off my list for a while. The weather was perfect for an explore, so early Friday morning I decided to head for this former Lindum Terrace Mental Health Home.

The Lincolnshire Partnership NHS Foundation Trust had originally purchased the property in the 1980s for nurses’ quarters, but more recently used as a step on from rehab to move people back into the community, in its 2003/4 report the trust stated it was a temporary closure due to staffing difficulties. It was purchased in 2008 by United Schools Church Trust with the intention to bring it into use for the Lincoln Minster School. The first map that the building appears on is 1904/5 and it is not in the 1901 Lincoln Directory so the property is assumed to have been built in this period in what was the grounds of Eastcliff House.

Lindum Terrance Mental Health Home

The building resides in 1.04 acres of prime uphill real estate and was up for sale for £750,000. The inside of the building is covered in satanic graffiti and scrambled messages presumably from local kids, there is even a kids bike left near the radiator.

I was sat in the basement doing some calling out when I heard a door bang upstairs, shortly followed by footsteps. It actually startled me as I thought maybe someone else is here. I quickly went upstairs to where the bang had come from; there were literally two doors in the property, one which was locked, and the other was on the top landing, and it was still open. Later I tried to debunk the noise by slamming the door. The door wasn’t able to slam.

Looking up out of the basement [that door was locked]

Fascinating dangerous building that has been left to decay 17 years.


After I visited the location in the morning and having my personal experience the team decided to investigate the location the same night.. We did capture some interesting EVPs that will be posted on the Paranormal Hauntings page at some point in the near future. Below is the investigation streamed live over Facebook.

Below is the footage from our static camera which something appeared not to want us to film it

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