Black Eyed Children – Legend, Myth Or Terrifying Reality?

Its a cold, snowy, winters night in a Vermont town, in the middle of nowhere. An elderly couple were settling in for the evening when they hear the sound of three loud knocks on their front door. They open the door to find two children, a girl and a boy… “parents will be here soon, may we come in?” .. The children stood facing down, avoiding eye contact in the doorway. The elderly Couple were hesitant but they couldn’t see two defenceless children left out alone in the cold, so they let them in. The children sat on the couch while the wife went to make them both a hot cup of cocoa. The husband started to ask the children questions, Something didn’t feel right but he couldn’t put his finger on it… his questions went unanswered and there was a cold, uncomfortable silence. The wife returns with the cocoa in hand and noticed that one of her cats acting scared and almost angrily lashing out towards the children which is completely out of character for her pet. The awkward silence is broken “May we use the restroom?” .. The Wife looks at the children and she finally see’s them. The children’s eyes were as black as night!… stunned, she directed them to the bathroom and rushed to return to her husband who was covering his face with his hand. ” Did you see their eyes??” she whispered, just then her husband lowers his hand to reveal that it is covered in blood from a sudden and severe nosebleed.

The power suddenly cuts out and the house is plunged into a pit of blackness. The wife heads towards the restroom and is confronted by the voice of the children at the end of the hall uttering “Our parents are here”. The children then exit the elderly couples home leaving the door wide open. The wire notices that there are two men, very tall and extremely slender… The wife waves as a friendly gesture but it wasn’t acknowledged or reciprocated at all.

Both the men and children got into a car and drove away. The power returns to the home almost immediate to their exit. Throughout the next week, Weird things began to happen in the couples home; three of their four cats went missing and the fourth was found dead in a pool of its own blood. The husband continued to experience severe nosebleeds and finally Went to see a doctor where he was diagnosed with aggressive skin cancer.

This terrifying tale is just one example of stories surrounding the legend of Black eyed children in the United States, even the world.

Black Eyed Children are Commonly referred to as Contemporary legends Of paranormal creatures that take on the form of children commonly between the ages of six and sixteen. They generally have defining characteristics consisting of pale Skin and black eyes from lid to lid. These Children, in common folklore, are seen in groups or a twosome hitchhiking or begging.. They might knock on your door one late, wintry night. You may see them approaching your car while you wait at a stop sign or at a dimly lit petrol station. These children don’t look threatening and may appear as though they need help. Other Characteristics and abilities these entities possess include ; Manipulation, Dark Magic,
stealth, un vulnerability, stalking and can induce madness.

A dozen stories are continually circulating, each following a similar pattern. While tabloid Coverage of these strange black eyed children have existed since the 1980’s, most sources in the US indicate that the legend originated from posts made in 1996 written by a Texan reporter. These reports related to two alleged encounters with Black Eyed
children in which he describes his encounters with two such children in Abilene, Texas 1996. He also claims a second person had similar, yet unrelated encounters in Portland, Oregon. People still report seeing Black Eyed Children on empty roads, or outside their windows late at night, even lurking in the shadows of their room. However, many also report seeing these same sinister children in the corner of their room during an episode of sleep paralysis, and even waking in the middle of the night because they sense someone watching them and see them lurking in the shadows.

The phenomena of these children appeared to reach over the pond to the United kingdom in the September of 2014
when the daily star ran three Sensationalistic front page stories about alleged Sightings of Black Eyed Children
Connected to the Sale of a Supposedly haunted pub in Staffordshire. These stories claimed a shock rise in sightings around the globe.

The Black Eyed Child of Cannock Chase
The beautiful, idyllic countryside of Staffordshire’s Cannock chase is Well known to locals for the beauty spots scenic walking and cycling trails however, Paranormal investigators and enthusiasts know this location for its infamous black eyed child. The first sighting I came across took place in the 1980’s where an 18 year old girl and her friends were hanging around Cannock Chase much the same way as teens do today. On this evening, just before dark, the girl and her friends heard a child frantically calling out for help. The teens rushed to locate the little girl when they stumbled across a dirt track upon which they caught sight of a little girl around Six years old running in the opposite direction.
The teen eventually caught up with the child, the child Stopped and turned around looking her straight in her eyes, before it could even register, the child took off into the surrounding woodland and out of sight. The child’s eyes had been completely black.

The police were called and a search for the child was quickly underway, but to no avail, no child was found. No one had any reason to believe that this encounter was paranormal – the girl certainly appeared to be flesh and blood. Little did this group of teens know that 30 years later one woman would experience something nearly identical within the woodland of Cannock Chase. This new eye witness account described how she was alerted by what sounded like Screams while Walking in Birches Valley. “ We instantly started running toward the noise” she said, “ We couldn’t find the child anywhere and so stopped to catch our breath. That’s when I turned around and saw a girl stood behind me, no more than ten years old, with her hands covering her eyes as Is she was playing a game of hide and seek.
I asked If she was Ok and If she had been the one Screaming. she then lowered her arms by her sides and opened her eyes – That’s when I saw they were completely black, no iris, no whites of the eyes, nothing! they were all completely black. I instantly jumped back in shock and grabbed my daughter, when I looked again the girl was gone, it was so strange “.

Although the Cannock Chase child and the other children from the stories around the world both have black eyes, the Cannock Chase Case does feel entirely different, even in the way she appears to people. Maybe The Cannock Chase girl is a completely Separate entity to the others highlighted in this blog.

No one really knows the Origin of the black eyed children, no one knows exactly where or
how these entities pop up. Some Conspiracy theorists believe they are aliens trying to reach
out to their “earth”. Some Demonologists believe that they are children of the Devil himself and if you let them
in, you’re allowing the Devil to enter your home and life. Others believe that they are children that have died under severe circumstances. However, What We do know is that this seems to be A World-wide phenomena, each story telling the story of these terrifying children, insistent on gaining entry into the homes of those they
target. Whatever it is that you believe about Black Eyed Children, if you hear three knocks at the
door late on a Cold, dark, winters night…. don’t risk it….stick on Netflix and have a biscuit….


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