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The abandoned Nunnery | Urban Exploring

This former convent once was the home to 250 nuns. It consists of Georgian Grade II listed style buildings. It was established in 1897. In the 1960s the intake of novices declined, and by the mid-1980s the community was struggling.

It was purchased and restored in 1994. All the gardens where the nuns used to grow their produce were sold off. There are a few corridors with Pugh’s upturned and smashed quaint windows which lead to the church; there is a winding spiral staircase that leads up to the viewing gallery at the top.

The explore itself was a very casual laid back affair, easy to get into, and easy to walk around with full access to everything on site. There were a group of teenagers in there, but they were pretty quiet considering. I waited for them to move before taking some of the images.

I was actually surprised that the angelic looking sculptures hadn’t been damaged apart from a hand missing of one of them. The detail on the sculptures is really impressive.

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