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A few weeks ago I decided to do something abit different to how I normally investigate and that was to attempt fire scrying with The Crying Boy Picture. I thought if the painting does have a attachment alleged to cause fires, it would be interesting to introduce the fire element into a session to just seen what would happen.

What is Fire Scrying?

The word Scry means ‘Discover’ and scrying is a divination art in which a person can ask questions while observing the surface of fire, mirrors, water or something similar. The person can then watch the surface in which they are observing to ‘discover’ the answers to the questions asked. Answers are normally thought to come through in images. Fire Scrying is a ancient divination tool and our ancestors would have used fires to foretell the future and to contact passed family members. In esoteric traditions, answers received are thought to come from a elemental creature called a salamander.

When fire scrying images could form within the flames or within the smoke.

Fire Scrying can be done with a candle or a open fire, if your thinking of trying the technique just ensure the surroundings in which you are conducting your session is safe.

Fire glazing can be used as a form of meditation and this is called Trataka. Trataka is hugely beneiftical to us it can hone and develop your concentration to the “enth” degree, as it brings the mind to a place of stillness. Distractions dissolve away, and the mind becomes focused on the flame. The candle gazing meditation also improves memory bringing the mind to awareness.


I think its important to mention that captures may be criticised when using this technique because they can be explained as simply being just pareidolia.

Our Session

I really enjoyed trying this method out and if you are open minded and willing to try different techniques than this could be a techniques for you to use.

I opened the session up by allowing myself and the audience to focus on the intent of the experiment – which was to communicate with what is rumoured to be attached to the Crying Boy Painting and began to chant to open ourselves up to this.

I then began to call out and asked the audience to take screenshots of things they seen as I called out.

I had read that fire scrying can encourage EVPS, so I decided to focus a bit more on a using the recorder to see what we capture and surprisingly we did actually caught a very audible class A EVP of a very clear whistle. This was not a sound being produced from the fire when I reviewed back on the LIVE footage you cant hear it at all, it was only when I reviewed the audio back on the EVP recorder that is when you can clearly hear it.

Images Caught by the Audience

Now, the images caught by the audience absolutely amazed me, as I have stated it could be nothing more than pareidolia but for me personally, it is such a anicent and sacred art of divination I do strongly believe there could be something more to it. Take a look of what was caught and cast your own judgement.

Would I try it again? I most certainly would

If you would like to watch the full live, this can be viewed below.

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