True Story of a Encounter with a Jinn

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Shadia Kahal

As a muslim I believe in jinns. We dont believe in the paranormal being spirits of the dead but believe them to be another being that lives amongst us in this world; following the different religions we follow.

My grandfather had an encounter with one when he was in his early 20’s. They didnt have electricity back then and my grandfather (nana) was a social man.
He left late after visiting relatives in another village arguing against the families suggestion that he stays over and leaves in the morning.

He made his way back through the village hitting fields and woodland areas with a trail that was used by the locals. He was on this path for ages feeling like he was just going around circles. Until he came across what appeared like a middle aged lady. She claimed to be a local all though he hadnt seen her before. He told her he seems to be lost.

He recognises the trail but didnt seem to be getting anywhere. She offered to help and he followed behind her and as they did they just had a general chit chat.

Lucky for him he was a smoker and lit his match for a smoke. Just as he lit the fire his whole surroundings changed, the women disapeared and he was in an area he wasnt familiar with. He instantly realised what he had encountered and yelled for help until some locals heard and went to him.

They told him many have died because of their encounter with this Jinn. They told him she was leading you to a trail that would have eventually had you fall off a cliff.

So imagine my surprise and fear when i saw the movie “The Blair witch project”.

It was so relatable to the experience my grandad had in his youth…..

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