12 Signs that A Ghost Could be In your House

Before I start on what could indicate you have a haunting, I must stress how important it is to look for logical explainations before deeming your home haunted.

It is only when all logic is dismissed that you may want to look at other alternatives.

The 12 listed signs are from what is commonly reported by those who feel their home is haunted….

1. You hear strange and unexplainable noises at certain times or over certain periods in time – You may experience this phonemenonia in short bursts, for example over a week period and then nothing for 2 weeks or at a certain time in the day but not at other times.

2. Lights go on and off on their own accord or flicker.

3. Electrical equipment continously breaks down or drains very quickly.

4. You struggle to sleep or wake up in the early hours with feelings of ‘Your not alone.

5. Items get moved around or stacked.

6. You often see things in the corner of your eyes, this could be a shadow or shapes.

7. Unusual or horrible smells in certain areas of you home at certain points in time.

8. You often feel drained maybe even exhausted and feel unable to concentrate.

9. You regularly get icy blasts of cool air either near you or within the building.

10. There is certain times in the day which just ‘Don’t feel right’.

11. You feel continously uncomfortable in one particular area.

12. You hear random scratching noises that sounds as if its coming from a different room or beneath the floorboards.

In my opinon,before you class your house as haunted you must seek logical explanations, so if your lights are continuously flickering seek advice from a electrican and get them to take a look.

I would say also, that a person would have to experience at least quite a few of the listed signs before they should deem their house haunted.

If your reading this and thinking, OMG my house must be haunted as my laptop regularly drains, than this isn’t what I’m trying to say. If you laptop regular drains take your laptop to have it looked at and unless your having a few other things listed happening, don’t worry.

So what to do if you are experiencing a few of the signs I have listed….

Again think logical and only when you are out of logical explanations you should maybe consider consulting a paranormal team.

When seeking a paranormal team, look for one locally, also look for a team who have a good reputation but also look at what their motives would be for visiting and trying to help you. Look at their previous investigations or work and see if their way of working fits with your logics. Many teams work in many different ways from some being more of a spirutal nature to the other end very skeptical.

Advice: If they decline to visit, due to you not wanting them to film for lives shows or even for YouTube, I would avoid – They are probably only wanting to visit for content and possible gain for themselves. Always ask where this footage is going. If its only for review then that is completely understandable to see what is captured.

Never go with a team who wants to charge and a team should always explain that they may not be able to always help on the first visit…it could take several.

If you are reading this and feel you need a team, you can always drop a comment to us and we could assist with finding one locally to you who we possibly know and trust.

Charlene Lowe Kemp

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