Ghosts of Newark Castle..Tales of Murder…Treason and Suicide

Prior to our National Lock down, myself and Aimee decided to have a visit to Newark Castle, located in Nottingham in the UK. It is actually beautiful and its not hard to see why people across the country love to visit here. The old town as a very old feel to it and the castles energy is easily felt as you walk around.

Its actually one location that team members, Chrissie and Dave Rising really love.

Take a look at our walk and or spirit box session we conducted as we walked round.

Newark Castle Historical Points

  • Newark castle was built in 1133 by Alexander, Bishop of Lincoln and it remained a seat of the Bishops of Lincoln until 1547, when King Henry VIII took it for the Crown.
  • During the Civil War it became an important Royalist garrison.
  • On 5 May 1646 King Charles I was captured at nearby Southwell and ordered Newark to surrender; the Parliamentarians subsequently set about destroying the Castle so that it could never be used as a Royalist stronghold ever again.
  • King John visited the castle at least six times and died here on 18th October 1216 after a feast. The story goes that a thunderstorm swept over Sherwood the night he died and was later described as it was “the Devil himself coming to claim King John’s soul”. Accusations of poisoning were rife following his death, with the Pope himself being cited as possibly having given the order. A local Robin Hood story is that Friar Tuck poisoned King John in retaliation for the murder of Maid Marian. 
  • From 1648 the castle was left derelict but between 1845 and 1848 architect Anthony Salvin restored the castle, and in 1889 the corporation of Newark purchased the building and carried out further restoration work. The castle is a Scheduled Ancient Monument, a “nationally important” historic building and archaeological site which has been given protection against unauthorized change.


In the early 1900s a Castle Ranger was found swinging by the neck in the King’s Bedroom and tour guides have reported witnessing the ghost of this poor soul, twitching and jolting as if struggling for breath.

In the Dungeon, hushed voices have been heard at night and loud chanting has been said to echo from the empty chambers, along with screams and shouting from the curtain wall.

In the Oubliette, where many poor souls were left to die in very bad conditions, people have reported feeling oppression.

On our Live walk, people felt a lady was at the top of the castle tower and she had a baby with her. Children was also picked up on around the canal. When we asked for a name, it sounded as if ‘JOHN’ came through…Had we made contact with King John?

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