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Growing up in Nottingham I was always told of the haunting stories assiocated to George Hill and George Lane located in Calverton in Nottingham.

Its only as ive browsed Nottingham forums for Ghost stories over the years that I realised how many and how frequent this road pops up time and time again….the reports are endless and probably have more reports than the commonly known haunted road in the UK, Stocksbridge Bypass in Sheffield.

The only difference between George Lane that as more reports and Stocksbridge bypass is that Stocksbridge featured on ‘Strange but True’ many years ago, which obviously made the hauntings of the road quite popular.

However, I was pleased this year that Calverton Village did feature on a New Ghost Hunting series ‘Help My House is Haunted’ as the reports of the George Lane is not the only ghostly tale reported here. Calverton Village is old and indeed is full of local ghost stories and many have branded it as one of the most haunted villages in the UK.

Geroge Hill

George Hill is the hill you drive down just before you reach George Lane. The two are very close to each other and both have very similar ghostly tales.

The main sighting of this stretch of road is of a figure, who dresses all in black. A local man, Mr Lawrence Bardill encountered the figure when returning from the Goose Fair in the 1930s. He had reached the top of Georges Hill and heard the village clock chime midnight, when as he passed a gateway ‘something’ came out of the shadows at his side. 

It wore a large hat under which he could not see any other features except for a large hooked nose. Round its neck hung a large silver chain, below that was nothing but a shapeless black mass.  Mr Bardill crossed to the other side of the road, but the figure followed him, moving with a strange gliding motion. He began to walk faster, then he broke into a run, but effortlessly the figure kept pace with him and did so for nearly a quarter of a mile before leaving him by gliding away into the night. Mr Bardill continued his run till he reached home, where he collapsed onto a sofa to be found by his brother-in-law the next morning. It was some time before he stopped shaking and was unable to describe his unnerving experience calmly, he was ill for several days afterwards. Many have speculated over the years if the figure he seen may have been the ‘HATMAN’ and many believe what Mr Bardill states he seen that day can be compared to sightings of the Hatman as they have similarities in detail and I agree they have – but obviously the big difference being is those seeing him are not actually asleep this time!

A local lady felt when driving down Georges Hill one night looked in her reat view mirror to see a black-hatted figure sitting in the back of her car. It stayed with her for several seconds before vanishing and the lady in her panic very nearly crashed her car. A young couple saw a black figure which fits the description of Mr Bardill’s Phantom when driving down Georges Hill in 1984.

In 1992 a very strange occurance happened to the villagers Bill & Alison. When their car was entering the top of ‘Georges’, simultaneously a Bartons bus was coming up the hill. Bill then looked up into the road and saw something very strange running between his car and the bus. He didn’t say anything at first for fear of sounding nuts, but then Alison asked him if he’d seen what she had? What they both had seen was just a pair of legs, wearing riding breeches, running across the road!!

George Lane

Geroge Lane is a long, dark, windy and unlit country lane, where many accidents have taken place due to the its conditions and the blind corners. Many people driving alone along this road in the dark often see, if they happen to glance in their rear view mirror, an old lady sitting in the back of the car.

The dark dressed figure as also at times been reported here along with a women sat on the side of the road crying.

Here are another two stories documented on websites:

Sarah Meakin of Carlton, Nottingham, returned from Calverton after some babysitting to feel the car suddenly go cold on a warm summer’s evening, and she then looked in her rear view mirror to see “a black hooded figure, which can only describe as looking like a monk”.

Nicholas A.C. Blake of Nottingham,made an appeal for information on his website. He too had seen an old lady in the car and he sought other witnesses.

Our Investigation

Understandably, it was very hard to investigate a road that is extremely dangerous but we did manage to pull in and decided to do a spirit box session from the edge of the road where the most sightings had been reported.

It would seem we got a lady through and it would seem as if a man was trying to come through too.

We actually ask for spirit to name the road once it replied ‘George’ and when asked again it said Lane.

Check out our footage below

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  1. My granny was going down it and it’s the same story on here I have seen one or two thing here my self I was rinsing in the car and I seen a lady peeping from behind the tree and when we went by the tree she was gone and I have also seen a black shadow figure float across the road as if in a mask and looked like a monk it was so scary but the night we seen the monk looking figure we was sat at a table eating Chinese and the lights went out we rushed to get some candles and something was on the window as if in a white greyey mist of dust like figure stayed there for several seconds and then disappeared

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