Shaking Bed Phenomenon | What Is it?

The shaking bed phenomenon is a very strange occurence and one I have experienced a few times now over the years.

I have told people of these experiences before and understandably you recieve the odd few jokes. However, it is a real phenomenon and it isn’t just me that has experienced it, if you look the phenomenon up you will see many have reported very similar experiences.

The first time I experienced it was when I was in my last trimester of pregnancy in 2009. It had been a normal night here in the UK. I had gone to bed at my normal time and as I got comfy in the duvet and arranged my pillows and shut my eyes, my bed started to feel as if it was vibrating, only slight at first. I laid there, I thought it was just my imingation at first. I brushed it off that it was indeed my iminagation and tried to settle again. However, it got much stronger, I sat up and it stopped. I honestly thought I was going mad. I laid back down and settled again and again it started to shake but much stronger this time. I got up, I went to the toilet, still wondering what the hell was going off and trying to explain it to myself in some logical form but couldn’t. At this point I had wondered if it was something not of this world. I went back to bed and settled back down again and again it started but even stronger than the last. At this point, I had outruled every possible logical explanation and decided to call out ‘If this is something not of this realm please stop’ and indeed in that second it did. I was surprised but glad but also not scared….

This occurred on several nights continuously and in the end I felt I needed to tell someone so I told my mum. My mum thought pregnancy may have been getting to me and laughed it off, so I suggested that this evening she got in bed with me, which she laughed but did agreed.

That night, I went to bed as I normally did. My mum came up shortly after and I said just get in the bed mum and see if it does it. She got in next to me and we both settled and bang on cue the bed started shaking. This resulted in my mum saying ‘OMG Charl, is that you messing about’ and me being very still saying ‘No..No it isn’t’. This continued for several minutes and I said to my mum, ‘I can make it stop, watch’. I called out again for it to stop and on cue it did….

This continued throughout my last weeks of pregnancy and completely stopped when my daughter was born for 4 years.

I have only then ever experienced the same phenomena during the passing of my father (which in due course, I will fully speak about) and is strangely the same week that my daughters birthday was on, other than them two occurrences, it has only ever happened the odd time after a investigation.

So what is it?

There are quite a few theories to why this may be occurring from the supernatural to the logical so I will go through them all – you can decide for yourself, with some advice a the end.

A Poltergiest!

One theory is that mainly females aged between preteen and teenagers who maybe are experiencing stress, anxiety and differences in hormones can outwardly manifest paranormal activity such as objects moving.

Its a awareness of how open you are!

A lot of people who are becoming more spiritually open, experimenting with their mediumship or participating in meditation practices – have all reported the same thing at the beginning of their spiritual journey for enlightenment. It is thought that whether you are aware you have a mediumship skills or are more open, this is your sign that you may be more open to the spiritual realm than the average person and have a higher vibration and the actual vibration you are feeling is your own and you can feel it and as well as others.

Spirit Contact

A really common thought for this phenomena is that it is actually a spirit trying to communicate with you.


On the cusp of sleep state either at the beginning or end you can end up in a trance state and during this time you can experience hallucinations. Its also during this state people often experience lucid dreaming or sleep paralysis.

Alcohol or drugs

Anything you consume which can affect your normal mental state could have some kind of effect on you and you may perceive the room or the bed that you are in differently to what you normally would.

Be aware of your environment.

Does the area you live in suffer with regular earth quakes? Do you live near a railway track. Is there pipes under the floorboards where your bed is. Check for any item or anything that may be around that could possibly cause a vibration.


Are you hyper sensitive to electrical pulses? Many people who are hyper sensitive to electrical pulses are more aware of electrical frequencies and often get what is described as tingles, when in sleep state this could be felt as vibrations.

Ways to stop it

Influence yourself if you think it is a mental state – focus on your breathing rate and change the pattern. If you think you are lucid dreaming try to touch the wall, if your hand goes through the wall you are dreaming and you can control the dream.

A good night-time ritual, make a calming routine that is peaceful and calming to you which should follow you through to your sleep.

Talk to it, tell it to back off if you are convinced its paranormal

Cleanse your house.

Are you reading this blog because you have experienced this phenomena? If so, please share your story in the comments to let others know who read this that they are not alone in experiencing this either.

Charlene Lowe Kemp

Paranormal Investigator | Researcher

15 thoughts on “Shaking Bed Phenomenon | What Is it?

  1. I’ve had this happen on occasion. Not strong, but it feels like a cat scurrying across the bed. As soon as I open my eyes, it stops. Doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it makes me wonder.
    But whatever it is, I can’t say for certain.
    But if I was a Ghost 👻 or spirit. I could think of better things to do than shake a bed! 🤷🏻‍♂️ Lol

  2. I’ve had this happen on occasion. Not strong, but it feels like a cat scurrying across the bed. As soon as I open my eyes, it stops. Doesn’t happen often, but when it does, it makes me wonder.
    But whatever it is, I can’t say for certain.
    But if I was a Ghost 👻 or spirit. I could think of better things to do than shake a bed! 🤷🏻‍♂️ Lol

  3. This happened to me regularly when we lived in a small town in Georgia that is known for it’s haunted buildings. Oddly, my husband could not feel it, but I could. It stopped a month or so after we moved to a different state. Last week, we had to go back to that small Georgia town on business, and we stayed in a Holiday Inn. Immediately when I got into bed, the same vibrations started again.

  4. Between the ages of 6-10 I use to experience a hell of a lot of paranormal stuff happening to me. One of them was my bed shaking, the shaking wasn’t soft it was like they were trying to move my bed. Recently, it’s started happening again but this time really soft and noticeable, from what I’ve gathered it’s usually a spirit telling you it’s there with you, I don’t really take any notice of it but I also let it do it’s business. At the end of the day spirits were just like you and I and so they deserve the same right to live in the same place we do.

  5. I’ve had this only once after watching a horror film. As I was already spooked we got into bed and suddenly it seemed to lift slightly like someone had there hands underneath and was jerking it. Only lasted about 5 second’s and then stopped. We couldn’t believe it and had no rational explanation so I put it down to being over scared because of the film. But I know 100% the bed did shake .

    1. Well, it’s 2:30 am and can’t sleep when suddenly my bed starts to shake! Thus has been happening yo me for 2 years now off and on and am so glad to hear others are having the same problem. Tried googling why this is happening but find no answers. Hope it’s nothing bad physically, or maybe I’m going mad!

  6. At The Robert Morris Inn in Maryland I had the shaking bed experience. I was lying in bed and my husband was in the bathroom. The bed started shaking and my heart fell into my stomach. Then my husband walked past the bed so I figured figured it was him walking past that made the bed move. But, then he walked away and it continues to shake on and off fir about 5 minutes. That night I felt hot and kept waking up covered in sweat. My husband didn’t feel hot but he didn’t sleep at all. He said the room felt weird and the energy was nervous. I felt that too.

  7. I had first experienced this also when i was just 10 years old. I had not been in bed long and waiting to go off to sleep when my bed very slightly started to shake then built up to more of a full scale shake for about 15 seconds then just slowly fade away again.i wondered what it was..i thought no more of it but it happen again a few months later. The strange this was it did not frighten me….although i think it should of. This would happen throughout my life when i lived at my mothers house about 2 or 3 times a year.when i left home my mother moved into that bedroom and 15 years after i left home she mentioned that her bed would shake every so often..
    I told her that i used to experience the same thing when i lived there she also said that it never frightend her either.
    My mother has passed on now ,and i wounder if the new people that live there experience the same thing. It only happen3d in that one bedroom . As i had spent my youth sleeping in all the bedroom in that house.

  8. This happened to me 14 years ago and I still cannot forget it. I was sleeping over a new boyfriends house and he left the room for awhile. I was laying on the bed and suddenly felt it swaying. I thought it may have been an earthquake but then the swaying started feeling swifter and more intense, not like an earthquake. Also, nothing else in the room was moving, only the bed. It definitely felt like something was trying to get my attention but I didn’t feel anything evil or bad it was quite the opposite. I did get scared and just sat there thinking what the hell?! When my boyfriend came back I mentioned it to him and he told me it happens sometimes and no one else who lives at his house has experienced it but him. He was surprised I experienced that. Gives me the creeps even to this day.

  9. Four nights ago – I was watching Netflix on my tablet in bed and I had a reading light on. I was by myself, as my husband had left earlier in the day on a trip. Out of nowhere both my reading light (that was plugged into the wall) and my tablet (which was Not plugged in) flickered at the exact same time for a couple of seconds. I laid there for a moment and closed my eyes then the bed started shaking. It grew in intensity and there was a loud noise, like a freight train driving past the head of the bed. Then it just stopped. I’m a scientist, so my first logical thoughts were an earthquake or tremor because our area has had some shifting lately. Next thought was a micro-burst, they happen randomly and they are like tiny tornado.
    However, there were no signs of either. I’ve wondered about the spirit world here and there, but that’s as far as my interest went. I have never been so scared in my life. When I tell someone about it, I get really upset and start to cry. I have slept on the couch for 4 nights.
    I decided to review the footage from our security cameras to see if there was any wind or something. I didn’t see anything…but two flashes of light right around the time of the incident. I had to play the video frame by frame to capture them one at a time. I think they are what you call Orbs? I am freaking out, I work in a laboratory, this is so far out of my league. Should I be scared??

    1. No its happened to me several times. I normally take it as a visitation from a love one if I’m totally honest (they may be just trying to get your attention). Are you experiencing some kind of high stress at the moment and in need of some direction?

  10. I felt someone walk into or push my bed hard, twice late one night. The furniture used to rattle in this room quite often and sounds like very heavy footsteps sometimes day or night, in the same room. I stopped sleeping in this room after the incident of the bed being pushed or banged into.

  11. This use to happen to me alot when I was a teenager. My bedroom was in the attic and my bed would shake like crazy and it happened ALOT! I would wake up with scratches that I couldn’t explain, everyone said I was crazy. When I turned 17 I moved out and my brother moved his things into that attic room and then his bed started to shake and he also has seen a women dressed in white. My parents still live in the same house but my mom said she has never has anything wierd happen to her but I have also heard someone call my name out and have heard sounds.

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