Seldom Engine House Investigation – Spirit Box Responses

Last Night we headed for a walk to Seldom Engine House which lays hidden away in the Moss Valley.

The engine house was once part of Plumbley Colliery, which was sunk in about 1860 and closed in 1901.

There are two theories about how the engine house got its name. One theory states that the engine house was so hidden away it was ‘seldom seen’. The other states that the engine house is haunted and the ghost is seldom seen.

We had a peak in the engine house but we wasnt able to completely get inside as was quite a jump down to the floor from the window.

Even though nothing is documented as such to what the ghosts of this location may be – One couldn’t help but wonder if there had been sightings may be linked to a tragic event that happened in this area at a pond.

On the 16 thof March in 1895, Percey Riley, 9, Esther Ann Riley, 11, and Rebecca Godson, 9, were playing on a cooling pond belonging to the colliery that had frozen over. The ice broke and the children fell into the freezing water. A 24-year-old engine-man named Alfred Williamson heard the children screaming and jumped into the pond to rescue them. Alfred and the children sadly drowned as they were unable to swim. Alfred’s headstone, which is also engraved with the names of the children resides in Eckington Churchyard.

As we walked from the engine house to see if we could find the pond, we decided to walk and conduct a spirit box session.

It would seem that some of the responses we received could have fit to this tragic event and the most significant responses we got was ‘Help’ And when we asked how can we help ‘SAVE MY LIFE’ came through….

We later called out to see if anyone did indeed need any further spiritual help but the energy had seemed to have gone.

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