I came across this post this morning by Caz Rooney and I thought it very much applied to the paranormal field at the moment. There are many people in the paranormal field for many different reasons now days but are they all here for the truth?

Over the years I have seen genuine people who once shared the same passion as myself and others turn to tactics which once upon a time they didnt agree with and would have called out – and this as been many!

I was once told ‘Never trust a person a 100% not to fake because in time that person may let you down their motives may change.’

I now assume that was meant if money was involved and indeed that person was right I personally should have never…..

We are all here in the paranormal field for numerous reasons – Whether that is to build a business – Entertain -Find the truth or to simply share a journey.

But is the truth being lost?

Charlene Lowe Kemp

There always has been and always be a huge fascination in the paranormal. Are spirits real ? are aliens real? . How do we explain timeslips? ESP? Telekinesis? Akashic Records? Stone Circles ? Crop Circles ? Cryptoids ? . What exactly are leylines ? Aura’s? Near death Experiences? Spirit guides ? Elementals?. These are just a few of the very many amazing mysteries that are researched, discussed and investigated by thousands, if not millions. of people worldwide .

Thousands of teams exist that go out exploring allegedly haunted locations and social media has made it possible for us to share those investigations with thousands of other people, which was great. I used to like doing livestreams and letting my group members see locations that maybe they wont ever get to visit, and have them interact with the investigations , telling us what they feel , sense , which part of the location to go to next.

But has it also brought corruption to the field ?

There have been exciting moments and heartbreaking moments in this field over the past couple of years. That happens in all walks of life and its part of life. We have to take the good with the bad right ? or can we change it ?.

The absolute horror of finding out that event company’s such as Alius Sanctus had conned people out of thousands of pounds for locations that were never even booked literally devastated the paranormal field. I remember offering a few places at a location I had booked, to anyone, who had been conned. That started a tidal wave and loads of groups started offering free places to people so we could try to help them and to show them that there are good people in the field. It certainly didnt get those people their money back ,but it was the right thing to do and the decent thing to do.

Go forward a year or so and it happened again. People paying for places with a team and the locations were not even booked, didnt we learn anything from the Alius Sanctus nightmare ??

Why in a field that is all about the pursuit of truth are people putting money first. There is many ways people have been scammed and quite frankly its heading that way again.

At one point it was normal practice to book a place at an event or loaction you pay a deposit, I know things have been tough this year , but you have to ask yourself , why are people being asked to pay full price for a place on an investigation that is at least 12 months away if not more ? that’s worrying, is it a scam? what if the event doesn’t go ahead? are those people getting their money back – I hate to say it but we are heading straight into another event company scams?

Many Investigators I know are like me, we pay for our locations, we buy our equipment, we pay our travel and insurance ourselves because WE ARE PURSUING THE TRUTH.

Since when has it been acceptable to scrounge from followers? Lets not beat around the bush here, it is scrounging . Pay for your own locations, pay for your own equipment, you suffer an equipment breakage then please claim your insurance dont have a go fund me page, you want the latest plastic flashy gadget ,save up for it yourself.

We have seen go fund me pages by paranormal teams for everything imaginable and the absolute audacity of it is completely shocking – from equipment to locations even to fund a European ghost tour and a van.

This practice of like me, follow me, pay me is disgusting. Feed their wallets and their ego’s that’s all it is ……….

It’s nothing to do with paranormal truth anymore.

There are paranormal authors, researchers, radio show , investigators and enthusiasts who just want to share their work, legitimate thought and time goes into it. A very real passion being shared honestly and they are not championed or given half the support that the “like me , follow me, pay me ” brigade are.

Instead foolish live feeds that deem everything paranormal and sensationalise the stupidest things are everywhere . This is the general feeling in the community , we are sick of scammers and sick to the back teeth of crazy live feeds with sensationalised claims to get notoriety it is embarrassing.

If you say anything or say its wrong ,you are a troll ,you are a bully . Their followers will threaten you by private message or just publicly say in chat that you need a kicking. You will be threatened with legal action and even worse ,you are jealous of all their great work and fame apparently!.

The ones who want genuine evidence and pursue that dont want fame and glory ,we want to find evidence and experience all the weird and wonderful things that we find along the way .

So food for thought – Do you remember when live feeds by groups took you to locations and let you see what its really like , answered your questions honestly and made you part of the investigation? when the teams got back and posted the pics and EVP’s for everyone to go through and it would be discussed by the whole group. Wouldnt it be great to go back to that, not showing off or look at me and tell me how great I am .

Just Investigating.

The field will have to choose eventually what is important because its a farce at the moment . Generally you get 10 mins of woes and worries and how great they are, like and share as much as you can get the numbers up and then the live feed is ….. live feeds with aliens? investigators cutting themselves on camera to do rituals to summon a demon? Not the best thing to be showing followers who may be vulnerable.

Ouija boards and a pair of Fred Wests shoes? using child killers for seances and ignoring living family members distress at it?

Paranormal teams screaming at each other on live feeds ? Teams slating each other on live feeds or having all out feuds ? Ex friends doing everything they can to destroy reputations ? Lesbian ghosts? wicked witches? Psychics and mediums charging for readings and then doing live feeds once they have enough money ? Investigators turning up at locked down locations and fighting with keyholders when asked to leave? Actually I watched one last night an investigator screaming abuse at his his family member and their watchers were paying to watch such tactics in their subscription group. Investigators sitting chatting rubbish and smoking joints, Demonic live feeds with no demons there? This is truly where the paranormal is now ,do you really want to watch these things? Where is the evidence ?

The there is equipment being created and then not sent to people who paid honest money for it ? Merch for every season and thing imaginable, again its all about money. Sending stars on live feeds to get money but no evidence in sight just sensational claims .

Its sad what things have turned into, but if we dont make the changes then there will be many many more people leaving this field and there have been quite a few quit and that is sad because Paranormal research will then be lost and we will only be left with those who are here to make sensational claims and simply those who just want to make money.

Written and owned by Caz Rooney

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