My Brother in Spirit came to visit me in ICU | True Story

I knocked on Death’s doorsteps last month and I am still recovering from it.

What I wanted to speak about is some strange visits I had in the ICU…..

September 18th I was emitted into the hospital after an ER visit for shortness of breath, chest pain and a rapid heart rate. I didn’t get to see my Dad who drove me there. My right lung was completely full of fluids and two giant pus sacks. It was a serious case of pneumonia.

I got emergency lung surgery on September 20th and spent 5 days in ICU with two chest draining tubes in my back. I had limited movements, I was wired up and had multiple IVs in me. I was pumped full of fluids of antibiotics and vitamins. And given so many different pills with my normal pills. I felt so sick just cause of the medication, I threw up just caused of it, not the pneumonia.

I couldn’t see Mom or Dad for 5 days cause Dad was sick. So we talked on the phone, but that only made me cry more. I was stressed out to the max and could barely take what was all going on with me. Then get told by the Doctor that if I had waited another day, I would be, without a doubt, dead the next day. I was told I was the sickest patient on paper in the ICU- But in person I was a delight of a patient, who did even seem sick.

The scariest part is I was told I had to have had pneumonia for a month for it to be that severe but I showed no sign at all of it. That scares me… I was that sick and showed no signs. And now, recovering from surgery and this sickness killed my immune system. I have no immune system now in the middle of this Covid-19 scare. So, I have to avoid going out into public unless absolutely necessary. I am completely terrified, stressed out and endlessly worrying.

Strange occurrences

I was first put in ISO first before surgery. There I had the feeling of being watched and not alone all the time.

It started with me seeing a tall white cloudy mist at the door, boy it vanished as a nurse walked in. The following morning after a stress test for my heart that had me totally wiped out, again I seen this white mist appear again at the door and it started to walk into the room and to the end of my bed where it disappeared. I then got a strange feeling and turned to the right and right there, looking down at me, was the white mist, only two feet from me. He stayed there for seconds and vanished again.

I got that the mist was a male and he was worried. I was to weak to sense more from him. Because my surgery started right after he disappeared.

I woke up in the ISU. I didn’t see him, but I could tell he was still there. Plus, I saw other things while there.

White and black orbs floated in my ISU room every night and at times in the day. I was taken for a short walk in the hall, but I didn’t get far cause of the surgical pain. But I had walked past one room, and I sensed a strong presence being in there with the other patient. I blocked it, and had the nurse take me back to my room where I felt safe.

There was also a moment late at night, other patients were sleeping and the were at the nurses station desk and I saw a woman – She had really long brown hair, older looking patient grown, she seemed young and she was pretty solid looking, but no shadow (lights were on in the main hall). I was looking right at her, she were right outside my room walking right in front of the nurses station and no one responded to her to see why a patient was out of bed at that hour. She continued to walk straight down the corridor until she finally faded.

The entire time in the ICU, I could sense things around me. When I was finally able to go home and in my comfy chair, Mom asked me if I had a visitor in the hospital. I siad yes and my Mom told me she had got visit from my late brother telling her he was with me.

It was my big brother Charlie who was there with me the whole time – Protecting me – Guiding me and making sure I was well.

(That’s me in the photo. Taken right after surgery.)


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