Top 10 Creepy Pictures From History

We’ve all heard the saying that “A picture is worth a thousand words,” but what exactly does it mean? Some historical events are so incredibly strange, beautiful, unnerving, or unusual, you’ll probably never read about them in the history books – but here I list my 13 most creepy photos from history I am found to give you you the creeps 😱

1. Burned and melted wax figures retrieved from a fire that occurred in Madame Tussards in London in 1925…….


2. Maria de Hoya passed away from tuberculosis at 21-years-old. During her illness, her doctor, Carl Tanzler, fell in love with her. After she died, he kept and mummified her body. He kept her corpse for seven years before he was finally caught and imprisoned.

3. During the 1960s, Edward Paisnel would frequently don a rubber mask, break into homes, and rape and torture women and children. This picture was the only evidence police had until he was finally caught with his mask during a routine traffic stop in 1971.

4. Most people would instinctively chalk this up to Photoshop, but if you look closely, you can easily see the edges of the latex masks covering these people’s faces…..

5. The ornately arranged skeletons of Rome’s Capuchin Crypt, circa 1900.

6. Taken in 1937, this photograph of a man holding what seems to be a giant grasshopper is in fact, a hoax. But this fooled a lot of people back then.

7. An photo of the mummified heart of Auguste Delagrange. He was said to be a vampire and was accused of killing several people in Louisiana. He died in 1912 by the hands of a priest and voodoo practitioner who drove a stake through his heart.

8. This creepy photo of a ventriloquist dummy is beyond spooky. No one’s really sure whether this is real or just something from a horror movie set.

9. Soldier, artist and collector Horatio Gordon Robley posing with his collection of preserved Maori tattooed heads.

10. A Doll With Two Faces, 1920

11. A Family Photo, Late 1800s

12. A Man And His Doll Laid To Rest, Unknown Year.

13.This picture is often mislabeled as a mental institution in Russia in the 1950s. It is in fact German ballerinas stretching their calve muscles in 1977. There are special holes in the wall to step on.

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