Have You Ever seen a UFO? True Encounters

Have you ever seen a UFO? This was a question I asked to the Paranormal Hauntings Forum on facebook and the response was pretty big…

Lets not forget what UFO actually stands for, U- UNDENIFIED F-FLYING O-OBJECT. This means simply something seen in the sky by someone or a group that they simply can not identify. It doesn’t necessary mean people think they have seen a alien aircraft.

However, I do think it would be ignorant of people to not be open minded to the concept that aliens are indeed out there. The universe and beyond is a pretty big place – Im just not sure if they are visiting us!

In New Years eve in 1999, I seen my first UFO. I was only 10 at the time and my mum and dad had took me to a friends new years eve party to see in the millennium. Myself and school friends was out in the garden – the adults may have been drinking but we most certainly hadn’t. We heard a rumble coming from the sky and we looked up and we seen what I can only describe as a circular object that was flashing red, white and blue. We could not believe our eyes and as quickly as it came it went. I didnt know what to make of it at the time and my friends most certainly did. Even at 10 I had heard of UFO’s but didnt have the knowledge of such things as I probably do now. I turned to my friends and I said I think we have just seen our first UFO.

The next day, I asked my friends what they thought it was and if we had indeed seen a UFO and they remarked that they wasnt sure what it was and maybe it was just some kind of plane going past for the new year celebrations. I agreed but it is a experience that has always stayed with me and a subject I always strike up when I’m around my old school friends who was there that night.

Of course I told my mum and my mum admitted to me that when she was younger she remembers hearing a strange noise coming from outside. She went to her window and a 50p shaped object was flying past her house in the sky. She describes the craft in some detail, even to this day and as the same as my experience says it had red, blue and white flashing lights.

UFO capture?

A few years ago I went to investigate a Mine that was rumoured to be cursed located in Derbyshire in the UK. My intentions that night was to capture some proof of the afterlife not a UFO and unaware to me at the time I did indeed capture something strange next to the mine prior to me starting the investigation. I had messaged a friend to show where I was and that I would be starting a facebook live and I took a picture and send it to her. The next day I decided to write a blog on the mine – its rumoured hauntings and the legend of the curse and realised that I hadnt took any pictures of the mine to include. I then remembered my conversation with my friend and scrolled back through our messaged to use the picture I had sent to her. On looking back I spotted what looked like a white light which was unusual in shape to the side of the mine. I scrolled forward to see if the pictures I had sent later included this same white light and it didnt.

It looked drone like in shape but was far too big to be a drone and I compared to aircrafts to see if they formed this particular shape in the sky but nothing really quite matched up. I posted it in my group to asked opinions on it and even spoke to a ufologist to see if he could possibly identify it but he couldn’t and said he thought that yes i had indeed captured what he thought was a UFO – A UNDENTIFIED FLYING OBJECT.

My blog on this encounter can be found here:


so this week I thought it would be interesting to hear what members of my group think of UFO’s and experiences if they had any and here are some of their stories……..

India Taina: I seen this the other night , didn’t had time for video but It Started in Triangle Formation as They Got Higher, They separated and then disappeared, They Moved like fire burning…..

Emma Kaye: My parents did around 1980. It was 3 objects like pyramid shaped that hoovered for a bit then shot off. They called the police and a officer turned up. He wanted to know everything and where it was and in which direction it went. Anyway fast forward to last month I was watching a CNN conference. It was of retired US officers and their experience on the UFOS they saw around their Nuclear bases. One guy come on and said around 1980 he was sent to England (East Anglia) where there was reports of many sightings over military bases. I knew he was going to say Pyramid shaped and low and behold they were anyway he came over here and after a week in his hotel he had a call that the UFOS had come back. So he went to the base and saw them with his own eyes.

Linda Pratt: Yes I have, when I was about 10 yrs old. I was with my mother, brother and cousin and we were just leaving my uncles house by a school when we saw a huge oval shaped thing. It just stayed there in place. No sounds at all. It slowly moved over our car and you could see panels of lights blinking. Then it shot off and was gone, still no sound. My brother raced home. It had to be as big as a football field. It had glowing windows on the sides. I still dream of it to this day and it’s over 40 years later…..

Lisa Parker: Possibly…in 2002 I saw a small triangular craft in the night sky, as it flew over not far from my house. It made no sound, and was a solid panel of flashing red and white lights. Every time they flashed, they were in a different configuration. When the craft got about 2 miles from me, I saw a spot of white light shoot straight down from it. I never heard anything about it.

Have you ever seen one? Have you got a encounter to share? please comment and let us know your stories.

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  1. Yes I have seen a ufo in pahokee years ago really don’t care who believes me or who don’t

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