Temple Bruer – Haunted by a Farmer? Compelling Evidence?

Last week we conducted the Gods Head experiment on Griff and Ste from the Ouija Brothers.

Griff had been blind folded for over a hour and half before we conducted the actual experiment on him. Even before the experiment Griff seemed to be picking up information about where he was prior to even putting the helmet on.

Griff had no idea where we was, I had met him and Ste at Aimee’s and blind folded Griff from this point. We traveled over a hour from Aimee’s to Temple Bruer. We didn’t give Griff nor Ste any suggestion or information at all to where we was going.

Ste was first to try the experiment and then we brought Griff upstairs. During the experiment at times he seemed frustrated and mentioned he felt a man was present. He mentioned this man was there throughout but what interested me the most was that he kept mentioning that he thought water or a stream was nearby. He then mentions that this man looked as if he was a farmer……

This brought back a memory from a previous investigation here last year when we blind folded Simon and conducted a automatic writing session here.

Simon had mentioned he had seen a dark shadow downstairs which tallies with what Griff also felt was present but the most compelling thing for me was that Simon had also felt a farmer was trying to communicate with him during his session here and that a stream was close by. During Simon’s experiment he appeared frustrated and angry at times.

Both Simon and Griff, do not peach that they are anyway sensitive to spirit nor do they claim to be a medium they merely took part in the experiment and went with the flow of it.

Could such experiments provide some proof that there is indeed a psychic ability within us. Was they picking up on a ghost present here or was Griff some way tuning into when we was last present here? Or just a coincidence ?- I dont know, I dont have the answers but what I do know it is most certainly interesting!

Here is a clip of both Griff – what he said last week compared to what Simon got this time last year when we experimented on him.

Let us know what you think!

Its worth mentioning that this was a Knights Templar site and that many who was in the knights Templar was indeed farmers. The site is rumored to be haunted by over a 100 spirits but the most reported is of course 12 men of the Knights Templar.

Below is a newspaper article which would support what Griff and Simon both picked up on. It says the site was dotted by farmsteads with barns and corn stacks. It also says it was surrouded by hills and a retired valley which suggests the haunting, if one is present is from a time when the valley was functional.

Also further articles do indeed show that temple bruer was indeed a farm

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