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The Ye Old Harrow Pub as now been abandoned for years, it not a new one to explore on the urban sites which is clear to see, with it being named endless times across social media sites.

It’s in a bad state of decay and only last year it was set alight which fire damage is still visible to see. If you decide to visit, just be careful, there is evidence of someone sleeping rough here and of drug use. I would advise approaching with caution and checking your surroundings before you walk anywhere. Upstairs is more or else completely inaccessible now. 

It appears that the Ye Old Harrow was constructed during the Georgian period and opened in 1822 and closed around 2008. We have found that a young child died here age 5 named Eliza.

It been documented in several places that this is one of the most haunted pubs in Sheffield with sites stating a former tenant reported several strange experiences during their time in this pub, including encountering a dark figure, doors which closed themselves and items which disappeared and reappeared up to a month later. A former occupier of the site remembered the shadow and closing doors from the 1970s. Other sites also state that activity was reported in the 90s and 00’s. During our live a follower commented to say she knew which pub we was at and her friends parents use to run it and they reported activity while living and working there to many people.

Our Investigation
On first entering the pub we didn’t like it, we weren’t sure if this was because of how the place now looked and the fact that we could see evidence of what may be going off here in its recent days or if something else was making us feel this way.

Activity occurred from the start of the live. The Mel meter was so varied in its EMF readings from going from a base reading to 0.0 and shooting up to 7 and back down quite dramatically and with no pattern to it.

There were decreases in temperature changes on both the Mel meter and temperature bear and no drafts were felt during this time which could have created this.

The flashing trigger toy went off on command and the ITC produced the words Edward and Bear/ Beer many times.

A light anomaly was caught in the bar area which I didn’t see anything with the eye that could have created this (no bug), there was dust and I am normally quite sceptical of such things even though I have seen such things with my naked eye but this was different.

I took a series of 3 thermal pictures as the Mel meter was triggering off and it appears to me that above the red area on the left, there looks to be as if a man or child was there picking something up.

The corridor
We proceeded to do an ITC session in the kitchen area of the pub which the responses in this area were very intelligent.

We conducted the strobe light experiment, which is an experiment which is believed to slow down the concept of time to the eye. Viewers sent on screenshots of what looks like a lady manifesting down the corridor which leads upstairs. During this time the ITC says lights out. This appears side on, looks as if she looks at the camera and looks straight on again and fades way.

I think the most compelling evidence for myself was I ask are you down the corridor and a reponse comes back ‘IM SITTING’. I then ask where are you sitting and a response says ‘IN BETWEEN’, I then ask in between where and the response was ‘ON THE BAR’, This corresponds with the thermal image we caught there and funnily enough at one point one response comes through as if someone sounded drunk.

I would have loved to have gone upstairs as I feel the most energy could have been up there, it just wasn’t safe to do so.

Below is a short review I have done from the live investigation on Facebook

If your interested in watching the full investigation, this can be viewed below

I’ve since looked up who may have been the last to investigate here. It’s hard to tell exactly because no teams seem to want to document places and their activity anymore, but the last person that I can see is actually a gentleman I know and trust with his methods of investigation and that is Kyle Thompson of Finders Beepers and it was about 2 years ago.

His investigation had some similarities to ours, a male coming through in the bar area, their EMF reacting pretty much the same and them seeing what they thought was a lady in the back room. There spirit box responses was very intelligent and indicated that they should go upstairs to the bedroom. 

Here is Kyles investigation here 



Fantastic location with a reputation that actually lived up to it, its a shame we couldn’t have stayed any longer but we didn’t want to out stay our welcome if the local squatters came back. I’m please after looking today that some of our evidence corresponds to what another team got here.

Charlene Lowe Kemp




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  1. The thermos image It looks like there is definitely five people sitting in a tiny group around the bar table. perhaps one is a dwarf not sure. could be just a very short person . They didn’t allow children into drinking holes not that I know of. am sure there is five people sitting at a table.

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