True Stories of Near Death Experiences | Submitted By Our Members

The closest thing to know if life after death really exists, is to speak to those who have nearly or who have died and come back. Here are two stories posted by two of our members who shared their experiences when they were faced with death.

“It was November 19th 2002, I was 37 weeks pregnant with my 2nd child and in the space of 24 hours, all of a sudden I developed moderate to severe pre-eclampsia. I was at my appointment at the antenatal clinic, I had the killer of all headaches and was seeing stars. I could not stop throwing up could hold nothing down not even water. It was getting worse so I was rushed via ambulance to the womens hospital. The nurse tried to keep me talking all the way there and when I arrived they had made the decision to deliver my baby via c-section and in the operating theatre was when it happened.

I felt a disconnection of sorts from my mind and body. It was like I knew where I was and the people that were there but I felt away from them. My right arm had turned black after they had tried to draw out blood and the veins collapsed, i could hear the conversations going off around me. Eventually, I could hear the voices yet could barely make out the words and I remember being in a very dark tunnel that was damp and had green moss on the walls and these black arms everywhere trying to grab me through the tunnel.

I came to a junction with two paths, the path on the right stood the grim reaper who said he was coming to take me. To the left stood a native American shaman who knew my name, said come with me so I followed him. He said it was not my time to go that I still had things to do and I was shown what life would be like if I died. I wanted to stay as I felt at peace calm and in no pain at all. He told me I had to go back that I had a job to do. Next thing I know I’m back in the theatre and holding my new-born daughter, my mother was crying. My daughter Rhianne will be 18 this year, she is my inspiration and also my reminder, that there is more out there than we know.”

Sender: Helen Pearce

” I had a NDE around 20 year’s ago due to my hiatus hernia, it had ripped through my diaphragm in my chest and dragging my stomach and my internal gut with it at the time. I felt ok until I stopped eating or drink and I lost a lot of weight. One day I was that bad I passed out on the floor in agony, I remember my wife calling for an ambulance.

They turned up and while they were working on me I must of stopped breathing because I remember walking away from my body into what I can only describe as white clouds.

This scared the heck out of me! All I can remember after is shouting out “HELP”, straight away I could see a tunnel with a white light at the end, as I got to the light I was back in my body, I got up off the floor and ran around seeing my wife and kids in tears and the paramedics gob smacked. They took me into hospital for heart and blood tests.

I remember one Dr saying we can’t find anything wrong with him so we need the bed they took me back home. I obviously got loads worse over the next week so if it wasn’t for my mum and my wife telling me to go for tests, I wouldn’t have been here today to tell my story. I went into surgery and 5 hour’s later returned to the ward very poorly, it took nearly a year to get back to full recovery and fitness but with everything that happened that day I do believe I touched the other side but it wasn’t my time to go. The whole experience as left me more sensitive now to spirit than I ever was and this is why I’m here,still searching for answers in the paranormal………”

Sender: Phil Newton

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