Cursed Cassette Tape Found Sewed?

Hexes/curses being placed on a cassette tape/video tape and being sewed around a place, isn’t something I had heard of until this week.

It was mentioned on a programme named The Borderlands on BBC Iplayer. The programme is based on a paranormal team that is sent by the Vatican to look into reports of paranormal activity at a remote church in the West Country.

In the opening scenes, the team appoach the church and notice cassette tape sewed around the gate of the church. The investigator indicates that is could be sign of a hex or curse placed over the church.

This made me delve into if this kind of thing is really believed to happen and what I found was quite interesting!

A article posted by Surrey Live, on the 24th September 2010 indicates that yes such things do happen.

Junction nine of the M25 had been the site of many accidents and suicides over the years. One of the local pastors, states in this article that he believed that someone “motivated by dark forces” may have placed a hex/curse on the road. Mr Coates, who lives in Effingham, said he had found large amounts of tape reels in the area, including around the roundabouts that lead onto junction 9 of the motorway. He stated, he believes someone could have recorded messages of evil onto cassette tapes and then strewing the reel around areas they wish to curse.

Mr Coates organised a vigil on Kingston Road bridge over the carriageway, where 25 to 30 people attended to pray for the safety of the drivers using the road below.

report can be found here:

On another site,, I found a rather interesting update titled: UPDATE ON CURRENT OCCULT ACTIVITIES. This was originally posted in 2003 and on this site it states ‘ Gone are the days when it was just the odd length of cursed audio or video cassette or video tape tied along a hedge outside a church. (though that is still used – see left)’ and displays a reel of tape tied around a brush. To use the phrase ‘gone are the days’ suggests did this use to be a common thing? 

How many of you reading this have passed brushes where cassette tape has been reeled around a brush? Growing up in the 90s, cassette/video tapes was popular and I had seen such things but never even thought it could have been a act of bad intent on a place. 

The article goes on to say how churches and Christians leader homes had been heavily targeted and again how such items are normally placed around dangerous bends, junctions and roundabouts. 

Site below:

It may sound like complete craziness to some reading this but logically, It would make sense why a person may record a ritual or bad intent on cassette/video tape and place it around a place. It’s secretly leaving the bad intent at a place and nobody will ever know it had been done. 

It would seem that it may be a belief held by leaders of the Christian faith, but other than the two articles, I can not find any more on it and I suppose to delve any deeper I may actually have to ask a priest myself or possibly someone who has delves into the darker side of things!



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