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Tutbury Castle is located in Staffordshire and has stood since at least 1071. It has played a significant role in English history.

Tutbury Castle is probably most known for its historical facts surrounding the imprisonment of Mary Queen of Scots. She had been back and fourth here, imprisoned for a total of over 20 years.

The de Ferrers family lived here for a time when the castle was used as wapentake.

The castle was later the seat of the earls and dukes of Lancaster. During this time Tutbury was one of the great centres of power. It was a popular destination for royalty including many English Kings. It was also the home of the great John of Gaunt, 2nd Duke of Lancaster.

During his life, John was not only one of the richest men of his era, but also one of the wealthiest men to have ever lived.

The in castle has beem destroyed and rebuilt many times. It was to suffer one last blow in 1647, when Parliament ordered the castle to be destroyed, after holding out for Charles I during the Civil War. The ruined which we see today is what remains.


Little boy– A little boy wearing a white shirt has been seen sitting on the stairs of the Great Hall. 

The Man in armor – Often seen at John Graunts Gateway dressed in full armor and has also been heard shouting.

Mary Queen of Scots – The most common and most sighted ghost of Tutbury, is that of Mary Queen of Scots. She was held captive here on at least four occasions and it was here that that the plot were unearthed which sadly led to her death. In 2004 she was seen by 40 men, who was stood under the south tower and they all witnessed her peering down to them.

She is most frequently seen dressed in a full white Elizabethian gown.

White lady – A white human-shaped mist is often seen around the North Tower, on the grassy bank.

Little girl – She has often been felt and experienced in the King’s Bedroom. People have reported her pulling fingers, holding hands, removing rings, and causing an electric pulse in the arm.

Other strange occurrences reported:

Batteries draining, twinkling blue and white lights.

Here are some of our best reponses from Tutbury Castle, I have to admit it would seem some of the replies we got does indeed link to the history of the location.

I also have to add that when off the live, team member Dave Rising, was wondering near the torture chamber and claimed to have seen a man, he went to inspect to see who it was to find that nobody was actually there.

Dave, was skeptic but now believes he could have seen his first apparition in the 8 years of investigating.

Proir to the investigation, I only knew of the one haunting. I then have since reviewed the footage, posted it and then looked at the Hauntings.

It is only now I realise that the name John is strongly associated to this castle and that a little boy is rumoured to haunt it.

In the replies below, Chrissie feels her head is touched and the rt-evp says John, Chrissie then says she feels a John is in the room, but at this time we hadn’t heard the John reponse in real time, only on review.

Chrissie also says she feels a young lad is about also and shortly after her stating this we do another session and when we had called out for a name, we had the response ‘Jack’ . Is this the little boy rumoured to haunt here?

Anne is also mentioned.

And when we speak about Mary Queen of Scots, the word genator produces the word ‘FRENCH’, which Mary was the Queen of France at one point and you hear the words ‘Taken’ and to ‘London’.

Mary requested that on her death she wanted her final resting place to be in France, however, this never happened and she indeed was taken to London to be buried in Westminster Abbey opposite her sister Elizabeth!

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