One of the most mysterious chapels to exist.

Rosslyn Chapel with links to the knights templar it was intended as a Collegiate Church, was founded by William Sinclair.

The chapel is richly carved with Biblical stories, and has the largest number of ‘Green Men’ found in any medieval building. The crypt is pretty creepy, and in the burial vault below 10 of the Earls of Roslin and their kin lie, said to have been laid out in their armour without coffins.

Ghostly flames were said to be seen here when one of the Sinclairs was about to die. The chapel is also reputedly haunted by the ghost of the apprentice, who carved the famous Apprentice Pillar, and is said to have been murdered by his teacher. The chapel features in the Da Vinci Code by Dan Brown, and part of the movie with Tom Hanks was filmed at the chapel and at the castle in September 2005.

The pillar/underneath the chapel is said to hold the holy grail and the head of John  baptist. There is believed to be tunnels leading to Rosslin castle also.

Writer: Charlene lowe Kemp

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