The Haunting Look of Castle Stalker

On the west coast of Scotland sits the picturesque Castle Stalker. Privately owned and surrounded by water, it isnt accessible to the public unless you attend one of its limited number of tours each year.

Castle Stalker – in gaelic, stalcaire, meaning hunter or Falconer. The original castle was believed to have been built around 1320 by the MacDougall’s clan, when they were lords of the lorn. It was then believed that the MacDougall’s lost the castle and it went to the stewarts and then to their relative, King James VI of Scotland, who lost the castle in a drunken bet to the clan Campbells.

In 1940, after multiple owners, endless conservation works and restoration work, the castle, however privately owned,became abandoned.

The ground floor of the castle consists of three cellars and a pit prision, all of which are barrel-vaulted. There is a turnpike stairway, which reaches to the castles full height and is the only means of access to the upper floors.


In 1520, according to the red book of Perthshire, Alexander Stewart, was murdered by members of the Campbell clan whilst out fishing in the waters around the castle. Folklore tells that Alexanders baby soon, Donald, was hidden within the castle by the nurse, who later fled with him.


Although there isnt any official reports from the actual owners that it is indeed haunted, visitors to the castle and who take a walk to have a look at the castle, such as myself, have commented on its gloomy appearance and has a sense of a haunting eeriness about it.

However, there is a strange phenomena reported with it and legend has it that prior to the death of the Stewart Chieftain, an orb of brillant light would appear and hoover over the castle, this was said to have occurred just moments before his passing.

The castle has also appeared in the films Monty Python, Highlander and the Holy Grail.

Below is a little video of a look abit closet to the castle.

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