Lady Jane Grey -A Christmas Eve Haunting

Lady Jane Grey, also known as the nine day queen, for her notoriously short reign in 16th Century England, is said to haunt the Tower of London, the final place she knew before her beheading. However, the infamous Tower is not the only place the spirit of this unfortunate lady is said to haunt. On Christmas Eve, she is believed to travel. Spectral folklore recalls some who have witnessed a ghostly horse-drawn coach journey to Newtown Linford Church, a church which was heavily patronised by the Grey family during their lifetime.

The coach, it is told, carries unfortunate Jane, her decapitated head in her lap. After visiting the church, it is said that the spectral coach continues on to the park near to the church, where her family once had a home. This familial journey a moment of nostalgia for the ill-fated nine day queen. For, in the morning, her spirit dissipates, returning to the place of her tragic end.

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