We have recently travelled to Portugal and of course exploring the county led me to look at some of the abandoned and most haunted spots across Portugal.

Sanatório de Valongo

Sanatorio de Valongo was an Sanitarium from 1910, it was built to hold 50 patients who suffered from tuberculosis. Unfortunately this number rapidly grew to 150 then 500, as the epidemic known as the ‘white plague’ grew. Sadly there was no cure for this disease, and one by one they all died. These souls are said to haunt the corridors, with visitors and passers-by said to hear the hallow cries of pain and see swift movements in the shadows.

In 1961, with the discovery of new antibiotics, the sanitarium closed, and is now abandoned, although used as a maze for paintballing. Strange pentagram symbols can be found scribed into the stone walls.

Sanatório da Serra da Estrela – near Covilhã

Sanatório da Serra da Estrela was built in 1936, as a treatment facility for the staff from the Railway services who suffered from fatal illnesses. At a later date, the building was leased to the society of Sanatariums in Portugal, and became a general sanitarium for any patients needing treatment.

The facility closed in 1980 after most of the patients passed, and the building was left to deteriorate over time. many believe the building is haunted by the souls of the patients admitted to the hospital. The building is now situated on the edge of the Serra da Estrela mountains and some of it has been converted into a 5 star boutique hotel.

Almourol Castle

Located in the middle of the Tagus River, just over an hour north of Lisbon, it is unclear when the fortification was first built. The castle was reconstructed in the 12th century by the Knights Templar, who gained control of the space until they disappeared, and then it was abandoned. Visitors can walk through this beautiful castle to this very day and is rumoured to he haunted by the ghost of a lovelorn princess!

Casa Amarela

The Casa Amarela, or Yellow House, is an abandoned estate in the town of Ovar. A few different stories revolve around the property, but one of the most popular is about an over-protective father who locked his daughter and her lover inside the house after finding them dating. The couple died there but are believed to still live on the estate today.

Quinta da Pauliceia

This house belonged to a prominent Brazilian family for over a century, it became abandoned after the last person passed away. Nearly every member died from the flu except Neca Carneiro, and the details of his death remain a mystery. Stories suggest that screaming can be heard from the abandoned estate, as well as other strange occurrences.

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