PEGGY The Haunted Doll

When I think about haunted dolls there is always one doll that always first springs to my mind and that is Peggy.

Peggy the doll hit headlines in 2014, when Jayne Harris, a paranormal investigator, researcher and the first UK haunted collector I knew at the time and the first haunted doll I had heard of, was contacted by a lady who was reporting to have a series of terrifying nightmares.

The lady reported to Jayne that no matter where she moved the doll to in her home, the nightmares persisted. She sought help from two priests and later became ill with a fever and hallucations.

Jayne Harris and Peggy

Jayne believed the doll had something strange about her and took to making videos of Peggy and the response from the audience who had watched were rather haunting.

People sent messages to Jayne Stating that when they had seen the pictures and videos of Peggy that Jayne had posted it triggered chest pains, nausea and crippling headaches after of those who viewed her.

Some reported flashing visions of ‘mental institutions and treatment bordering on abuse’ and overwhelming feelings of anxiety. Over 80 people came to Jayne to say they had experienced something strange during viewing her. Some claimed their light bulbs started flickering, people reported their computer screens freezing and then hearing and feeling like someone was in the room with them and one lady even claimed that she had suffered a heart attack.

Paranormal Hauntings had the pleasure of meeting Peggy on a investigation in 2015. The only thing that I remember really about her was how big she was and she seem somewhat intimating. I did a lone vigil with her and even though I didn’t experience anything out the originally I did feel extremely anxious around her.

Charlene lowe Kemp and Dave Rising.

Jayne then appeared on a episode on Zak Bagans programme, deadly possessions with Peggy and he seem to be somewhat taken back by her.

ZAK bagans – Haunted musuem

It later materialised that Zak wanted Peggy and asked Jayne if he could have her for his haunted musuem in Las Vegas. After much thought, Jayne agreed and now that is where Peggy is.

She has her own room and sits within a glass locked box. Guests are given the option of entering this room and if they do so they must comply to a certain protocol. Peggy is separated from guests inside this room by a stanchion, time inside the room is short and limited, guests should all greet Peggy with a hello and say goodbye as they leave and above all respect should be shown by never referring to Peggy as a thing.

The theroy of spirit attachment is something that has interested me over the years and I have followed Jayne and her research on the subject for a while now and have even purchased items from her collection. I do know Jayne and we do speak and I advised her I was doing this blog and wanted to ask her one question….

Does She Miss Peggy?

To be honest I never miss Peggy, until I see a picture of her! Then I do.

I knew when Zak called me and asked if I’d let him have her, that the time was right as I’d been thinking she should move on for some time (my kids were getting older and I just didn’t feel comfortable with a doll of her size – and reputation! – around them) but I have to admit that the first time I saw her in her case at the museum I felt a rush of panic like “oh my god what’s she doing in there?!”. Very odd.

She was and still is an intriguing case, one of the most bizarre of my career and I’ll always have a soft spot for her because of that. Having said that, I’m quite happy for her to stay where she is! – Jayne Harris

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