Haunted spots Near Me | The UK Ghost Excursion Map – Download the App today

The UK Ghost Excursion Map is an Android app cataloguing thousands of ghost sightings across the UK, most of which you can visit. Clicking on the icons shows information on the haunted locations and the icon images themselves indicate the type of haunted location – pub, restaurant, Royal ghosts etc etc.

The app needs internet access to download map “tiles” and works best if you allow it to access your location; you can then see what haunted locations are nearby, If you are worried about privacy, don’t be; the app does not transmit your location to anyone.

You can search for addresses (you might need to include “UK” in the box), and find out about the hundreds of anniversary ghosts in the country. There’s also a help facility if you require more information or want to contact the author.

New locations are added every month or two. The app can be downloaded from http://www.paullee.com/apps and is only 69p

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