Newcastle Keep |True Bizzare Occurrence!

Several years ago I took part with a now defunct paranormal investigation group in an investigation of Newcastle Keep in Newcastle UK.

We split up into several groups. I was teamed with two female friends that I had met via several paranormal websites. Our first vigil was upstairs in the keep walking around the upper level. I must say now that I am a sensitive and feel I have slight mediumship skills.

At one point I told one of the girls to take a photo of me as I felt something behind me. On taking the photo with her digital camera the camera then froze on my picture and would no longer work. Even upon removing the batteries ( which were new by the way) the image was still visible on the rear screen of the camera, something which I am sure you know is basically impossible. The camera worked fine after about 10 minutes but we still had the image on the camera.

Later on in another vigil we were downstairs in what is known as the King’s chamber calling out to see if we could get any response from spirit there when we looked up and saw a dark figure looking down at us from the area that I previously talked about. The only thing is, is that we knew that at this point no-one happened to be upstairs at the time.

What a shock this was as I realized that the person who was looking at us was the same thing that we had photographed previously.

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