The painting Love letters, is a item I have worked with for a few years now. Since my last blog on the picture, I decided to do a few live streams with the picture to see what I got.

While I was in the room nothing much happened but when I left viewers reported the live camera moved… I went back in and attempted communication again and got nothing… I went back out the room and viewers reported activity again. Now I couldn’t see the live because my phone and laptop wouldn’t load the live. So when the live ended I was looking forward to reviewing it back BUT the live never saved and to this day my Facebook page insists this video is still live. I’ve reported it to Facebook and I still haven’t retrieved it back. Facebook normally has glitches that is no secret but normally after reporting a bug it normally does get fixed as proved a few nights ago when a live of mine didn’t seem to have saved… I reported it and Facebook quickly retrieved it.

I’m not saying this occurrence is paranormal but it just seemed like something didn’t want me around this picture at the time of the live and was quite happy to do things while I was out the room it would seem but nothing when I was in.

The thing I find most interesting with this painting is that some people who have came to my website have only came across my site after they have experienced something with this picture, some have stated that they have purchased it from a charity shop, hadn’t known of its history or alleged haunting and experienced things with it… Googled it and was relieved to see my article on it because they felt they was going mad, this has occurred twice now…

If you missed my blog on this picture before, you can read my blog on it here.

1 thought on “HAUNTED PAINTING| LOVE LETTERS… THE Haunted SAGA Continues…

  1. There seems to be a skull in the painting, on the little girl’s right side next to her shoulder/bouquet. Does anyone else see it?

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