Creepy True Events that Happened on Halloween!

With Halloween just around the corner, I thought I’ll have a look at some true and creepy tales from around the world that occurred on Halloween to get you into the spirit!

A Serial Killers Prediction!

David Berkowitz became infamous in the 1970s as the “Son of Sam” serial killer. But not many people know that he also claimed to predict the future. Berkowitz was incarcerated when 39-year-old Ronald Sisman and 20-year-old Elizabeth Platzman were beaten and shot to death in their Manhattan home in the early morning hours of Halloween in 1981, reports the New York Times. A fellow prisoner claimed that the Son of Sam had previously told him that a cult was planning to carry out just such a massacre. Berkowitz was allegedly even able to describe the victims’ apartment to a tee—but police didn’t have enough evidence to charge him with involvement in the murders, which remain unsolved. 


To this day, no one knows what happened to Hyun Jong “Cindy” Song, a 39-year-old grad student at Penn State Univesity who disappeared without a trace after leaving a Halloween party after midnight in 2001. Song had stopped by a friend’s home in the early morning hours, still decked out in her bunny costume, and accepted a lift home at about 4:00 a.m. Slightly intoxicated, she managed to get inside her home and drop off her belongings, including her backpack and cell phone. She’d even removed her false eyelashes. But Song herself was never seen again. Investigators found no evidence of foul play and no activity on her credit cards or cell phone. The case eventually went cold.

A Mystery…..

On Halloween Day in 1955, Marilyn Damman went to a Food Fair on Long Island to do some shopping. She brought her children, two-year-old Steven and seven-month-old Pamela, with her. Telling Steven to be good and watch his little sister, she left the children outside while she went into the store. She returned ten minutes later to find that her children had disappeared, stroller and all. Pamela’s baby stroller, with the unharmed seven-month-old inside, was found a short distance away, but Long Island police were never able to locate Steven. What happened to him remains a mystery.

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