Automatic Writing Experiment | Confirmation That Spirit Used Simon as a Vessel?

We first seen practices of automatic writing during the 16th century in the  Enochian language. John Dee and Edward Kelley claimed that Enochian Angels came to them and spoke to them in this language and that is the point where it had been revealed, they referred to the language as Angelical language. Dee wrote many journals which involved this language. The language is said to be extremely detailed and complex with its own grammar and rules.

During the 18th century, spiritualism was high trend and mediums across the world was claiming that spirits was taking control of the mediums hand to write messages, letters and even books! Some claimed to have encountered this in a trance state and some even claimed it happened in their waking state. During the 18th century a parapsychologist William Fletcher Barrett, wrote that ” Automatic messages may take place either by the writer passively holding a pencil on a sheet of paper, or by the planchette, or by a ‘ouija board’ and Hyppolyte Taine reported that automatic writing as a spiritual practice in the preface to the third edition of his De l’intelligence, published in 1878. Other well known writers such as  Fernando Pessoa, Sri Aurobindo and Arthur Conan Doyle also claimed to have experience automatic writing.

In later years, Paranormal investigator Harry Price exposed the supposed automatic writing in the Borley Rectory He did wall-scrawling of a housewife attempting to hide an extramarital affair.

Scientists and skeptics consider automatic writing to be the result of the ideomotor effect. The ideomotor phenomenon is a psychological phenomenon wherein a subject makes motions unconsciously and many skeptics have stated that in such other circumstances there is no way of knowing or at least measuring messages that are ‘coming from out the body’, it s a case of taking that persons word on it and it is nothing more than a persons imagination.

Our Automatic Writing experiment

Participants : Charlene Lowe Kemp, Aimee sandifield and Simon Wilson.

Location: Temple Knights Bruer, Lincoln, UK

Charlene had told Simon the mediation technique that she was going to do with him and prepared him for certain parts to think about while going through the meditation e.g what a lapis ring looked like. This was important because she wanted herself and Simon to go through the mediation as smoothly as possible and for him to feel relaxed, even though both wasn’t sure what the actually session would be like after.

Simon was blind folded and sat in a chair with a pen and a piece of paper in front of him on a desk and the automatic meditation proceeded.

Soon as Charlene and Aimee started to question, Simon begun to write. Charlene could see at times Simon appeared frustrated and it was difficult to establish why.

Towards the end of the session, Charlene asked members of the live viewing to comment with a word, numbers, letters or a shape, this was a experiment to see if it was indeed a spirit communicating channeling through Simon, surely they could recognize some of the letters.. Numbers or words that Charlene put to them. Charlene wrote this on a small piece of paper, in Biro and put it to the side of Simon and asked spirit to read it and write or draw what was in it.

At first Simon drew a triangle… And then started to draw something again over the scribbling he had already done. Charlene and Aimee couldn’t make out what he had drawn at this point and Charlene decided to chose another word from the live audience comments. She choose one and began to write it down and as she did Simon drew a Star…

To say we were gobsmacked would be a understatement.

Was it just coincidental or did a spirit read this and respond to Charlene’s command…? Watch this short clip below to decide for yourself.

You can watch our live session from Facebook on the link below:


Before the investigation, I was pretty anxious that nothing would happen and it wouldn’t be how Charlene had perhaps imagined it unfolding.

I have never seen anyone perform any automatic handwriting or indeed seen anyone on any events or investigations use the method.

I was blindfolded and completely void of any light for the entire duration of the experiment. As Charlene was guiding me through the meditation pretty early on I received a remote view image from some time back… this image was with me through the duration of the experiment.

Initially, as I started going through the later stages of the meditation I felt angry… almost like something happened but shouldn’t have happened.. I personally think was in reference to the image I was been shown.

The image I was been shown was from a perspective of a farmer standing in his field.. with a river in front of it… and attackers, attacking a fortification of some kind on the hill just over the river/stream. The anger from whatever was showing me this image was real.. he couldn’t understand a) how this could have happened, and b) why it was happening.

The live was a good hour long.. I was conscious of the image that was been portrayed to me for the entire duration. Aimee and Charlene were asking me questions, some of it I was writing consciously from what popped into my head and other times I wasn’t aware of what I was writing. I can remember drawing the triangle shape, then I drew something I don’t know what that was. I cant personally remember consciously drawing the star…

To me, the experiment was a haze. I can remember bits of it but not others… the duration of the experiment to me was literally ten minutes??

On coming out of the experiment I could have leaned against the wall and just fell sleep – I was so relaxed and tired…..

It was a Interesting experiment which a farmer was definitely trying to convey his anger at the scene he was portraying to me.. The star image I drew considering all the images that could have been chosen to draw was pretty impressive.. logically you have to ask… what were the odds of drawing the star on the piece of paper from an unlimited amount of possibilities chosen from a member on the live?? pretty slim

Following on from the experiment I think it is important to mention even if coincidental what happened after……

Simon reported a road was closed off and he drove round and round in circles trying to find where he needed to be. He eventually came to a road which was on farm land and ended up at a cows shed!! he did eventually make it back home but where he ended up made us giggle and who knows even maybe a sign from who we may have just been communicating only just 30 minutes before!

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