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A few months ago we decided to investigate Firbeck Main colliery located in Nottingham. We went expecting to communicate with spirits who may have worked in the mine but the type of communication we was getting seem somewhat dark!


The two shafts at Firbeck Main colliery were sunk between 1923 and 1925 as part of a joint venture between the Sheepbridge Company and the Doncaster Collieries Association. Mining started in 1925 on the Barnsley Bed Seam of coal. Mining had earlier started in the surrounding area around 1911 and that there may be a workable seam of coal at Langold.

Access to the colliery was provided by 5 miles of temporary railway track which opened in April 1924 which was then upgraded to permanent track in October 1927. Mining back then was a physical task. Miners had to provide their own pickaxes and shovels and sharpening of a pick blade had to be paid for out of the miner’s wages. Coal was transported from the coal face to the shaft in big tubs pulled along rails by ponies. No less than 200 ponies were employed in the mine and at any one time, half of them were below ground.

Shortly after opening, however, it was affected by the miners’ strike of 1926, but production resumed afterwards. In 1934 the Firbeck Pit Head Baths where opened which improved conditions with the opening of the pit baths in 1933. There was even a charge for these (6d per week) deducted from the miner’s pay. By 1938 the colliery was owned by Firbeck Main Collieries Ltd of Chesterfield. The mine employed 1,457 underground workers and 357 surface workers.

From 1953 onwards conditions at the colliery started to decline, flooding, ventilation difficulties and geological faults all added to the colliery having poor conditions and transport of the coal to the surface was slow, as the shafts were unsuitable for the installation of mechanical skip winding. In March 1967, Firbeck was assigned to the South Yorkshire area along with Shireoaks, Steetley and Manton, before closing the following year in November 1968 due to “uneconomic production”, finally closing on 31st December 1968. Between 1970-71 both the up and downcast shafts where filled-in and the site abandoned.

In the 43 years of operation, 60 men lost their lives at Firbeck Colliery, with hundreds more suffered life changing injuries.

Whats Occurred Since then though?

Well our ITC evidence would suggest that rituals of some kind may have been done here, which surprised me if im honest. People on the live was stating they felt that since it had been abandoned bad things had been done here and I found graffiti on a board which was a symbol for sulphur and is what is known as Leviathan Cross’ or ‘Satan’s Cross’.

This could have been just people painted graffiti or it could be something more, the fact it was place on a board on its own and we was recieving dark replies that something wanted to hurt me if i took the board home makes me think that there is more to this location than we actually may know.

It did give a Demon Name as stated on investigation sites for those who have used ITC and these sites suggest it is a blood demon!

For those who know me I dont normally play the Demon card and I have a strong opinon that if a Demon was indeed lurking here, it would do more than just manipulate a ITC device, but i do believe something darker may have been summoned here, I just dont think its a demon!

Did I take the board…

I have been back a few times and that is one for people to maybe work out in a few months time ;).

Here is my live

This week I was tagged in a live, this team in the video below was investigating this location and was getting what seemed like darker replies in the exact same spot that we were. They even had the word Demon come through, they felt on edge and the audience watching them, again didnt feel like something was right. Alot was sensing ritual work and some of the team was being affected

Here is the live from the other team who visited

I wanted to document both our findings as we have both experienced similar things here and I think two teams who dont know each other and work in very different ways but both can recieve evidence very similar, makes the location just abit more interesting than some others.

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