Capture of The Ghost Train Of The Abandoned Mapperley Tunnel | Nottingham


Mapperley Tunnel is a 1,132-yard-long tunnel, built for the Derbyshire and Staffordshire Extension of the Great Northern Railway. This line ran from Colwick Junction in Nottingham to Egginton Junction in South Derbyshire. The route planned took the line through Mapperley via the Mapperley Tunnel built to avoid attempting to get the railway over the ridge. The tunnel was in use by 1875 but suffered a roof collapse due to mining subsidence on January 23, 1925. A length of roof about 12 yards long collapsed blocking the line with approximately 150 tons of rubble. Whilst repairs were undertaken traffic was diverted along the Nottingham Suburban Railway. The tunnel was repaired but the continuing effects of subsidence resulted in speed restrictions in the 1950s and closure on April 4, 1960.

Ghost Sightings

Two school children playing in the tunnel heard a steam engine rapidly approaching them – terrified they ran out into the fresh air. A few seconds after their escape they realised that the train could not have existed, as the north end of the tunnel was barricaded

Accidents and Deaths here

Its took some digging today to find this out but I have found the following deaths and accidents did indeed occur here, the source says many died here but only gives the name of one miner (Well done to those who watched the live who felt this, at the time of the live I did not know this information.)

Miner Charles Daniels was crushed to death by a fall of earth in February 1874. In July of the same year, a lad named Shepperton suffered a severely crushed hand. Two months later, William Tucker was taken to hospital with smashed hand and badly cut head after some bind fell on him. And a lump of rock landed on 24-year-old navvy George Longthorn in August 1875, causing serious back injuries.

Our investigation

Our investigation here as got to be for myself personally, one of the most scariest investigations I have ever done and that isn’t because I was scared of what we was hearing here, it was because of the shear decay of the structure. I would advise anyone if they visit here to be careful.

Soon as we entered the tunnel we heard a trains whistle, unfortunately this was not on footage

ITC wise we got APRIL coming through a lot, the tunnel was shut on April 4th 1960! and we was told to dig deeper and go deeper!

People watching out live was picking up on miners and as stated above there is reports of miners dying in this tunnel. Simon went off to do a EVP session, myself and Chrissie felt that 3 miners was following Simon back and we realised that when we reviewed the EVP session back Simon had asked for whatever was down there to follow him back up the tunnel.

We got no hits on the equipment, however, the deeper we got into the tunnel the more we physically heard from toots of a train, a women’s voice, children laughing, bangs, footsteps and knocks, it felt as though we had stepped into a world that didn’t want to interact with us but was just going about there daily business. There was water within the tunnel dripping so some of these sounds could have been this but there was some sounds that wouldn’t have been created by water simply dripping.

Our best catch is on the video below, I recommend you watching it from 1min onwards. There is what sounds like a ‘toot’ from a train. I have compared sounds from a stream train all day and they do indeed sound very similar.

Take a listen to this YouTube footage and compare it to our capture!

Do I think we caught the GHOST TRAIN of Nottingham?, Yes, I most certainly do!

What you do think, please let us know in the comments below.

6 thoughts on “Capture of The Ghost Train Of The Abandoned Mapperley Tunnel | Nottingham

  1. I have been in this tunnel several times before, and I have never seen and/or heard anything that was paranormal, also I have been beyond the trash pile that everyone believes is a barricade and still there was nothing suspicious, however it was painful after a while considering that it is a crawl through a gap no bigger than 1m for a large distance (I have video evidence). The point I’m trying to make is that this tunnel has nothing to do with the supernatural or paranormal but can still be scary for some, and can be a fun time to explore but claiming that it is haunted is false (from the experiences I have had).

    1. And that is simply from your experience, we have since been back and had nothing, but I cant excuse, we did hear what sounded like a train. The video is on this link, please feel free to take a look it may not change your opinion which is fine but to us it sounded as such

  2. My friends and I have formed plans to go back to the tunnel on Sunday with the objective to reach the end, if you wish you could join our journey and we could discuss our experiences and beliefs about the tunnel.

    1. Just because you didn’t have an experience on your one visit to the tunnel doesn’t mean you can turn round and say its not haunted. Many people have seen and heard ghost here. Just ignoring this fact based on your own lack of experiences is ridiculous…

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