Can you Make Your own Spirited Doll : Thomas West True Account!

Paranormal Hauntings Admin: Thomas West

Thomas West Used to run a paranormal Group with other 2 other Admins Dawn and Carole in 2018. Thomas set up a experiment to see if a intent on a item can turn a normal doll into what some may class as a spirited Doll.

”I had noticed that a lot of the members had been posting their dolls to see if they were inhibited by as spirit or to see if anyone could pick anything up from them. So, I thought would try to make my own spirit doll.

What is a spirit doll one would ask?

A spirit doll is a doll that one would use to ask a spirit or entity to enter. A vessel that the spirit could use and live within. In order for the spirit to enter the doll, I would have to perform a ritual and ask the spirit to enter the doll and inhabit it as it’s own. Why one would do this some would wonder. It is used for a guardian, a companion, or even a loved one to enter. The human nature in is not wanting to let go, or a practicing witch would have it for a learning tool. This would help in a witches growth and strength. But, this comes at great responsibility. It would be as you would have to nurture it and take care of its needs. With that being said, I thought, maybe I should try and see if I could do this. I thought and thought, well if I am going to do it I am going to need a “Brand new doll, one that was not second hand and a very well written spell. I set off reading through my text books, to write the perfect spell and then to find a doll…

After three weeks, I had the perfect spell and was still searching for the doll. So, it was Thursday morning and had some errands to run and was out and about that day. I had been to a interview and had just left and had wonder, I had a sudden impulse pulling me towards the Pound Shop. Before I knew it I was in the toy isle, and heard like a screaming in my ears. Me, Me, Me, and as I looked I noticed this little fairy doll hanging there. Now some might laugh but it was a sign. You see the little doll was hanging it the wrong spot. She was hanging with the princess dolls.

With Carol and Dawn when we speak, I call Carol my Tinks, as in Tinker bell (a fairy) and Dawn my little princess. So, that was the doll it had to be. I snatched her up and proceeded onward to pick up some incense, candles, and chocolate (shhh). To say I was excited would be an understatement. After returning home I had to make a fuss over Phoebe, my pup. Unpacked my goodies for the experiment and laid the doll on her side still within the box. After I had my stuff arranged I wanted to get a few pictures of her so to show Carol and Dawn.

I had just gotten my Wi-Fi redone and was off to the races. So I thought. This is when things started to get weird. Things started to get a bit blurred. I can remember showing the girls the doll and we had our fun and jokes about it. Then I had signed off and started to get everything set up.

What I do not recall is how time was moving. We always have our hello and goodnights behind on our own thread as well as posting to the group. But, I had said goodbye till later and when Dawn had come back on for the night she asked how everything was going, and Carol had stated fine. But, then interjected that she (Carol) had not heard from me for some time. I had mentioned to Carol that my computer was acting out of the normal and that I would be right back, but never returned. All of a sudden they were loaded down with unremarkable requests for membership into the group and also were trying to take care of a few ride comments. They were at the same time trying to get a hold of me, to no avail. Then right in the middle of working they lost the whole feed. This is when they really got worried. Well Carol put out a calling to the doll to release me and send me back, for all to be good. They kept on sending love and Light and saying protection spells. Well, Carol had to sign out and Dawn was on for the night. She kept loosing the feed and everything, it was about 2am her time in the states when I signed on and she was excited that I returned and then poof…I was gone again. As I have stated I have no reciliation of this time and Dawn finished the night out. This ran into the following day. Although people do not see us we are in constant contact with each other behind the scenes. When we say we are like a family that is the truth. Well, the following day I guess I popped in for a few and the right back off. This went on throughout the day…Carol had brought it to Dawns attention that I had been distancing myself and was not focused. They began to worry even more. That day was full of requests and some arguments online and the girls began to notice this all began when I posted pictures to them of the doll.

Carol then tried to call out to the doll and connect with the spirit. She was being blocked and could not connect with the doll, it had blocked itself and myself from Carol, to which she could not get through really got to the girls. Well finally I had signed on and was discussing with them everything that was going on…my internet went again and had to have it fixed again. They told me what was happening and going on, at which Carol said to get myself protected, but I stated that I had not began the experiment yet.  Well what I did not realize that the spirit may have already entered the doll…Carol told me to get her in salt so I did, I tried to upload the video but to no avail and when i did get it loaded, it was gone. I then added crystals and a five pointed star within a circle and put her in. Dawn was not satisfied with that and said that I needed to bury her in salt. They noticed that it seemed I was coming back to my self and let it go at that, so I thought. 

The doll had become manageable at this time, when I began to ask questions of it. It would not answer, and then all of a sudden it shouted out, which is heard like a telepathically in my head, Dawn, Dawn! So, I signed on to tell Carol about it and when I got to the part about Dawn, she signed on and asked who said my name…I stated the doll did when I asked her, her name. But, that is all she would say. That is when Dawn began to say that she must confess. I said what did you do. She then admitted that she was worried for me and had performed a binding on the doll and to add protection for me, due to her and Carol being so worried. Now, they have told me to bind the doll and bury her upon sacred ground. 

So, I am going to state that the experiment did work and that one must watch what they are doing and protect yourself from start to finish. 

When people say can any item gain a attachment? Id personally agree that yes it can.”

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