Richard Felix’s Stone Tape Experiment and Jacqueline Dixon’s capture! Derby Gaol

Over the weekend I noticed a friend captured something which interested me when she was out investigating Derby Gaol.

Jacqueline Dixon went to one of Richard Felix’s investigation nights at Derby gaol and during this investigation he conducts a experiment which he names ‘The Stone Tape Theory’ experiment.

The stone tape theory is a theory introduced in the 1970s as a possible explanation for ghosts. The idea is that energy can be stored within materials, such as walls and that a recording or track is recorded within that material during moments of high tension for example during a murder. This stored energy can then be released resulting in a display of the recorded activity and this can be shown to us like a video clip (a apparition) or a increase in physical activity for example hearing voices and footsteps.

From the looks of the experiment, Richard uses a plasma ball placed in a box, a smoke machine facing upwards which gives off different lights and this is backed onto a stone wall, which I’m assuming is a wall where a lot of activity has been reported. People within the vigil are then asked to take pictures to see what they may capture and Richard calls out for spirit to show itself.

This kind of experiment is a form of ITC and this particular capture interests me a lot.

A plasma ball can be used in two ways when investigating the paranormal as a trigger object or has a energy source for the alleged haunting.

In this case it is used for a tool to aid spirits energy to manifest.

Smoke used in such experiments is believed to give spirit the substance it needs to manifest itself more clearly and the different light tones aid this also.

Sceptics will say its simply pareidolia and make no mistake I know it could be but what I wanted to do was put it to my Facebook group to see if people could see what I did.

Some members said they could see a women, some said a man but the main thing that pointed out was that many said they seen the same features I did, in exactly the same place and that was a nose, eyebrows, eyes and a mouth, situated just above the light and slightly off centre.

Again, a lot will say this is simply pareidolia and I 100% agree it could or may be….but im open minded and who’s to say this experiment didn’t aid a spirit/s if they do exist to manifest?

Its a experiment that has certainly interested myself and a experiment I may even try myself in the coming weeks!

2 thoughts on “Richard Felix’s Stone Tape Experiment and Jacqueline Dixon’s capture! Derby Gaol

  1. Pareidolia or not, it’s still a fascinating experiment. Yes, I see a face, but I wonder if someone told me it was a dog first if I would see a dog . . . hmm. Fascinating.

    1. This is true and it is a fastinating experiment, one i really one to try regardless if people think its pareidolia, thank u for your comment as always ❤ Charl x

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