By Lonnie Lee – The Day My Mum Came to Visit Me

Group admin, Lonnie Lee speaks about his experiences of his mother and father visiting him after they had passed….

Raised young by my great aunt and uncle. (Mom and dad to me) They’re both long gone, Mom in 1989 and dad in 2009.

There’s a big difference in dreams, experiences and lucid dreaming. Most of you are aware of that. If not, look it up and it will keep you busy for hours.

Mom came to me in a dream the same night she past and said a familiar sentence to me, from her; “ I’m Alright” I had that added on her headstone. From that very moment it brought me peace that’s hard to explain.
Never another sad thought or dream, until last week. We’ll get to this in a moment.

When dad passed I gave an unplanned impromptu eulogy. Just some things that needed said about what I thought could be the last of the John Wayne’s. His experience of growing up and struggling in Eastern Kentucky in the early 1920’s, as well as moms in Huntington West Virginia.
How they didn’t have to rescue me at that stage in their lives.

In closing I said to everyone, and especially mom and dad.

“Everything good in me came from those two. All the bad stuff, that’s on me”

I had a Very specific somewhat unsettling dream from dad that I believe will play out at some point but nothing more from mom until last week.

I walked in the old house which was torn down last year on the same property I live on now. I walked in from the kitchen to living room of the 750 square foot house I spent most of my young life in. It looked like it did when I was around 13 years old, and so did mom, but I was the same age I am now and I KNEW she was gone.

I walked up to her and said;
hi mom, this is what I said at dads funeral. Then I repeated what I said above about where any good in me came from. She didn’t say anything but reached up her right hand and rubbed my cheek and gently patted it and smiled. The clear dream was over.

I have what I call my old (I’ll say stuff here) room. In that room is dad’s old desk and moms antique hutch along with an old phone, radio and single side band CB with a D104 microphone.

I walked in, kissed dad’s desk, patted it and said thanks, I love you. I repeated this with moms hutch. Walked back in and sit down in living room. Within 15 minutes, one knock came from that area. In the next 20 minutes, 2 more. On the last one, my German Shepherd raised his head and looked that direction.

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