Can Our Emotions Affect Devices | The Slider/Streetlight Phenomena

Growing up I have got used to bottling my feelings up, I have never been one to express how I am feeling and have always been known to many has the strong one who deals with many things alone by choice but because I have, is my inner emotions fed up of me bottling it up and decided to release certain stresses in other ways?

Within the last three years I have noticed something about myself when I go through certain emotions, mainly frustration and anger, lights will flicker around me when I reach a certain peak, and then I feel some sense of release, not just that though, when I come into connect with certain devices, the devices seem to drain. This is not because I haven’t charged it, I have and if I haven’t I always say, but for some reason at certain times it just seems to happen. I have in the past 10 months gone through 3 speaker cables alone and several spirit boxes which after 10 minutes just don’t seem to work for me. Is this a conscience or a stroke of bad luck, I don’t know!

Many reading this may think, what the hell is she talking about, but whether or not people believe me on this, that is for you to decide. I know what happens and that is all I need to know and the aim of this article is to see if others experienced the same and what research there is on it.

I actually found a name for this occurrence and many call it the Slider Phenomena!

The first time I researched this was Saturday, so I was completely unaware that this phenomenon even had a name.

So typically a person suffering from the slider phenomena reports street lights going on and off when they pass and have quick battery drainage of devices. They also report they can affect other electrical appliances, such as headlights and alternators in cars, lights bulbs, and computers.

Light bulbs may blow everytime you touch a lamp or a light switch. When near computers they may freeze up or experience other problems, and CD’s may change tracks and lastly a person may have cause an irregular EKG.

People normally start reporting the slider phenomena after the following events

A Near death experience

Being struck by lightning.

Having suffered from a major electrical shock

Had a UFO or alien experiences.

Some people believe this electrical phenomena can happen following a death of a loved one, and is a way for our passed love ones to communicate with us.

Electric People

People who claim to have physic ability are normally referred to has ‘Electric people’. Some physic’s believe to have a high energy meaning they have a high vibration which fundamentally fits in the foundation of psychic development. Psychics believe they can transmit as well as receive energy from other electrical systems due to their sensitivity to high-energy environments and situations.

What does science say?

Science would say no, there is no evidence to suggest we can at this moment in time. The energy we produce has humans is a different kind to what a electrical device produces.

However, Science has revealed that our emotions can affect the world outside of our body and that emotions can change the feeling of a environment that you are in. A good example of this is walking into a room where someone is angry, you can generally tell by the ‘tense’ environment that something has occurred and this person is feeling a certain way. Science says that is because our body can send out vibrations and there is evidence of this in the brain that when we go through a certain emotion like happiness the brains receptors vibrate and these vibrations are sent out and this can then impact on how another individual nearby may feel.

The interesting thing on researching this, is how many have reported the exactly same things happening to them. You can look it up, there is forums full of people claiming the same is happening to them. They have even took their concerns to science based sites where many try to go through a list of things to try to stop this phenomena happening.

Whether it is some kind of supernatural Phenomena or not, when it happens it seems somewhat spooky and seems something out of a film but it actually does make me smile.

And if you want to read more stories like mine, here are just a few to look through on the site below

And if you want to watch a video on it some more check out the below video

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  1. Yes it happens and it can come and go. Also getting shocks frequently when you touch someone or something. I had a friend in the past yell, yes literally yell at me because of the lights, radio, shocks, ect, ect. It was a hard and traumatic time in my life along with many other times and these kinds of things happening and my other “abilities” (as others would call it) are heightened. I have never heard this name/title though but have heard of some say it is PK. I personally don’t give name to anything or any of it as it is just who I am. I agree also that it is not scary. It is just little quirks you get used to about yourself 😉

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