Haunted Antiques Centre | Is there something Sinister lurking inside?

If you would have ask me last week if I believe in paranormal creatures….I properly would have said no.

After our visit to Neil Packer’s Haunted Antique Centre on Friday, I am now somewhat very open-minded.

I believe there is lighter energies in this world and I believe there is darker energies…do I personally believe there is demons? Myself no. It is very rare you will find me saying that something is dark or something is evil because I don’t like to click bait my work!

But this night was different and I personally think there could be something dark lurking in there.

If you had asked me about the centre a year ago….I may have said I wasnt sure what it would be like….well I eat my words now that I have and I would personally recommend any person or team to investigate it.

Id even go as far to say that in the future it may be listed as one of the most haunted places to visit!

I have previously been to the centre, a few months previously, but the rest of the team hadn’t. They knew it was a musuem of items that are believed to have attachments but they didnt know what attachments and what most people report to be attached to the centre.

We had been invited to the musuem for a live stream, the first for Neil Packers new membership scheme he now runs.

My aim for the investigation was to take the rest of the team around the centre to see what they picked up, especially on the stairs there has that is where I felt more drawn to last time.

The information that Chrissie picked up on was amazing and I think even Neil was surprised just how much she  did as well. We ran an ITC session on the stairs and the responses were so consistent and clear and relevant throughout the session, it blew us away, even Neil said during the session he had never seen an ITC session so clear.

John had was using to dice to see if numbers matched up to the things coming through and they did seem too.

We then headed to the Séance room, where we did another ITC session and had a rempod out. The rempod started to trigger off and I tried several attempts to debunk it by moving it, turning it on and off, testing its range, walking past it myself to see if i triggered it.

While this was occurring Dave and Aimee was in the other room, they was watching the SLS camera and a figure appeared next to the pram, they reported that this figure moved around the pram, it then disappeared and then the static meter went off and the temperature pod had a 5 degree increase in temperature, the equipment was set out across the room in what they described as a triangle and they reported it seem to move from the SLS camera to the static then to the pod.

The full live stream is available to watch if you are a member, the members who did watch I’m sure will say what I’m reporting is true.

I have reviewed the footage which you can watch in the below link, however it was very hard to clip the whole two hours of footage into 20 minutes, it was so interesting.

Please give it a watch, please head over to the haunted antiques centre page https://www.facebook.com/hauntedresearch/?ref=br_rs

and the burning question is …. Will Neil open that door?

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