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If you are reading this blog its probably because you have or are experiencing something in your home, life, workplace etc that you can not explain and think is paranormal.

You have probably seen or heard of TV show such as Ghost adventures or most haunted and etc and think your best option is properly to have in a team in.

So you have searched ghost hunters near me and listed teams around your area comes up.

So how do you pick who to visit?

It really depends on what kind of investigation you want to have. Teams have no set guidelines on how they investigate and investigation styles vary.

Some teams use mediums some don’t.

Some charge for such services and many many don’t.

Some teams are more skeptical then others and some are more spiritual, some are more religious than others.

What you will see is many using equipment to test theories and its important to remember that these gadgets are not detecting ghosts they are actually built for other purposes and what they could be detecting is some kind of environment change.

My advice would be

Just remember ghosts haven’t been proven to even exist yet so every investigation method undertook is based on theory.

Email or ring numerous teams in your area and ask what their theories on the paranormal is.

Ask what equipment they will be using and ask them to explain exactly its purpose.

Have a look on social media sites, Facebook, you tube etc and see how they investigate. Most teams now do footage or lives which is freely available to watch. This will give you a better insight to what to expect on the day.

Just remember, if you are wanting numerous teams to investigate, each investigation is different, each team is different which means the results and advice given to you may be different.

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