HAUNTINGS Of Christmas Eve | UK

Over the past few weeks, I have looked at the different Hauntings that are said to occur in December. Out of all the days in December the most reported spooky occurrences documented are said to occur on Christmas Eve in the UK with over 20+ reported hauntings across the UK that are reported to be reoccuring!!

Here is 5 of them…..

Kempston Manor | Kempston, Bedfordshire

Once a family home, local legend has it that a child ran out of the manor to meet his mother and father who were returning for Christmas in a horse-drawn coach.

The child was hit by the horses and died of his injuries. The anniversary of the event is marked by the reoccurring sounds of the tragedy.

Traveller’s Rest public house | Derbyshire

The Traveller’s Public house is said to be haunted by a local farm girl who died after falling down the stairs trying to escape a drunken labourer on Christmas Eve. A phantom woman in black has also been seen drifting around the inn holding a large set of old fashioned keys.

Bradley Woods | Lincolnshire

Said by some to be a phantom nun and by others to be a woodsman’s wife, local legend says this woman dressed in black will appear on Christmas Eve if one calls out

‘Black Lady, Black Lady, I’ve stolen your baby!’.

Roos Hall driveway | Suffolk

Pulled by headless horses, a coach is said to arrive by the front door of Roos Hall every Christmas Eve. A local legend says that on an inside wall of the hall, in a bedroom cupboard, there is the imprint of the Devil’s hoof branded into solid brick. Another tale says there is a window at the hall which always opens itself, even if locked shut.

Road to Hawkhurst| Kent

Gilbert, an eighteenth century highwayman who tried to rob a coach, was stabbed to death by one of the occupants after she recognised him as having killed her brother. The killing drove the woman mad. The scene was said to silently reenact every Christmas Eve.

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