True Ghost Story | Did the Police Officer see The Spirit of Jack the Rippers victim Mary Kelly ?

A True Ghost Story as told by one of the Paranormal Hauntings community members RJ Graham.

”I’ve been a Police Officer in East London for 19 years. Approximately 15 years ago I was on foot patrol (walking the beat) on my own one night when I walked past St Patricks Catholic Cemetery. It was about 02:00am and other than a few foxes here and there, there was not much going on – probably due to it being a cold rainy night.

As I walked past the Cemetery I became aware of someone looking at me. I glanced over and noticed a woman standing approximately 400 yards away from me. Due to it being dark and the bad weather the light was poor, so visibility was some what restricted. The figure was just a grey/black shape but appeared to be a woman due to the shape looking like it had on a long bell shaped dress.

My initial thought was that it was a lady in distress likely to be suffering with some form of mental health issue who needed assistance.

The main entrance gates were locked due to the time of night but having walked this neighbourhood for years I knew there was a small gap further back in the railings that would enable me access. So I doubled back to where I could get in.

Whilst doing so I lost sight of the figure. Upon entering the cemetery which is a large flat area with no hills or inclines I looked around the area but there was no trace of the figure. I proceeded to walk to the rough area I saw the figure standing but with still no sign of anyone or anything. At 6’5″ tall I had a good line of vision so whilst remaining stationary I did a 360 degree visual scan of my surroundings. I also called out stating I was a Police Constable and do you need any help, but was met with no response. I again stood and looked around for a few more minutes.

At this point I looked at the grave I was standing by and shone my torch on the head stone. It was an unassuming small memorial which read Marie Jeanette Kelly and for some reason the name stuck with me.

With no one in the cemetery other than myself (alive) I then made my way out and headed back to Leyton Police Station. Not wanting to be ridiculed by my colleagues I didn’t mention this incident.

A few years later upon talking to a local resident I got to know quite well who was a nice old gentlemen in his late 80’s and was born in the same house he still resided in a few doors along from the cemetery, he informed me that one of Jack the Rippers victims named Mary Kelly had been buried in there. He went onto say that he was aware of several local residents over the decades seeing her ghost.

Well that’s my experience. I know what I saw, whether it was ghost or not I don’t know….but thought I’d share it with you…..”

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