E.V.P And A.V.P |Knowing the Difference

Audible Voice Phenomena (A.V.P) are commonly mistaken for EVP and admittedly this time last year I didn’t know there was a difference.

Sometimes an AVP can literally be mistaken as EVP if they were not actually heard acoustically but can turn up in the recorded evidence nonetheless.

Whats an E.V.P

Electronic voice phenomena are sounds found on electronic recordings such as a Dictaphone and cannot be heard at the time of the investigation and this is a theory most people are familiar with.

Whats an A.V.P

A.V.P. (Audible Voice Phenomena), is the Disembodied Voices that are heard at the time of the investigation and may or may not be recorded on electronic devices, such as audio recorders or video cameras.

There are different types of A.V.P’s

Vocal AVP: Hearing voices come with the cache of actual words.

Percussive AVP: Hearing knocks, taps, and bangs etc.

Musical AVP: Hearing humming, singing, chants and One of the most common variety of AVP reported, whistling.

The simplist way to remember is, anything you hear in real time is an A.V.P and it is common not to get this on a recording device, an example of this was when we investigated Strelley Hall a few weeks back, Myself, Simon and Aimee all heard a very loud bang within the area we were sat while we were conducting an E.V.P session. We replayed the recording back on two devices we had recording and nothing was on either!

How is that possible?

It may be possible if spirit are working on a different frequency. What frequency that is, I don’t know, but that is my theory on it. The bang was so loud for the three of us to hear both of the recorders we should have picked this up, they weren’t that far from where we had heard it either and the area we were in was an enclosed space.

Another point of interest I want to cover here is when you have two recorders going and only one picks up something.

It’s best to use the same type of recorder on the same settings so everything is matched. If not capturing a voice on one recorder and not on the other could be debunked as different maniacs in the devices and different recording qualities.


If they are the same or even if not, one theory what could be happening is that spirit is only actually affecting one of the devices and again this is where your E.V.P meaning comes in an ‘ELECTRONIC’ voice, a voice that hasn’t been heard in real time meaning it isn’t an A.V.P but has been left on an ‘ELECTRONIC’ device.

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