Is there any Truth behind The Flim ‘The Nun’?

I’ve seen many posts asking if there is any truth behind the film ‘The Nun’. After watching it myself I thought id have a look to see if there is any truth behind it.

It’s no secret that the stories presented in the conjuring universe are based on real-life case files of two paranormal investigators named Ed and Lorraine Warren. Ed and Lorraine investigated a number of paranormal cases during the 70s and 80s which one case surrounded a raggedy ann doll which they claimed to be possessed by a demonic force named Annabelle then there was their involvement with the Amityville horror case (sound familiar)?

So with previous films being based on real-life events, the burning question is, Was the film ‘The Nun’, well no it wasn’t, but there is some truth behind it and here are some of the fact

  • The Demon in the film Valak is a demon that is recognized within ancient texts.


However, the demon Valak is far from the scary nun figure you see within the film, it is actually described in a 17th-century grimoire as a small, winged child but is referred to as ‘THE GREAT PRESIDENT OF HELL’. Valak is often pictured riding dragons and commanding 30 legions of demons. Valak is said to give strength and knowledge to those who are devoted magical practitioners.

  • The nun figure within the film was based on a hooded figure entity Lorraine believed haunted her at her home!

James wan the creator of the film didn’t think a small, winged child exactly fitted the demon figure he wanted to perceive so after speaking to Lorraine he found out that she believed a  hooded figure haunted her at her home. Why a nun though? Well, Wan wanted to show a figure that could attack Lorraine’s faith within the films, a sacred symbol that grounds her character and makes her feel safe, just like how the demon Valak portrays to act in texts…..



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