The Echo Theory : New Paranormal Method to TRY!

As investigators I tend to find we use devices that give ‘spirit’ the ingredients they need to communicate with us.

but what if we need to add an ingredient to how we communicate with them?

Sounds a bit crazy right? well not really and this is my explanation to why.

Some of our best responses on ITC have been when we have used the echo and reverb settings on them. This leads me to the theory that can spirit communicate and hear better when we use such settings? Some of my evidence would suggest so.

Why would it?

Well we use different devices to aid our communication on different frequently lengths and sound lengths and vibration in the belief that spirit can manipulate these or can communicate and hear us better.

The amount of times I have personally sat and called out and minutes later after a few questions, a response may come through which related to one of my previous questions.

Many say this happens has the message between ourselves and the spirit world can have a delay and that the question to spirit takes a bit longer for them to hear it hence the delayed response.

My experiment : The ECHO!

So based on this theory and if spirit may be hearing us on a delayed response or not receive the question at all based on how we speak to them (some think speaking in a soft but strong voice makes spirit receive questions better) how can we experiment with this.

One method I have thought of and will be using is ECHO with my voice and it’s not one I can see anyone has experimented with, so this is based on sound vibration through the environment and that the question we are asking could be reaching a further distance because the question is being asked in the environment for longer then just speaking regularly.

This can be done through various apps and on various software and the way I am going to do it will be in various methods.

  1. Pre- recorded questions on my phone which will be put through an app to produce an echo. Example
  2. On a laptop with a microphone speaking directly through a software which will give my voice an echo.

Obviously such experiments would have to be controlled to a degree, if you are trying to communicate on a ITC device with the echo setting on, myself talking through a mic directly and trying to hear responses is going to be a bit too much. This is where your pre-recorded questions would benefit, quick short questions which allow chance for a reply.

Another way I am going to try is through a microphone on a software device, I will ask a series of questions while a EVP recording is taking place, I will have a camera on this session to ensure that any responses I may get is not from the investigators that are nearby or from the echo I am producing.

I actually want other investigators to try this method, I want to be able compare my results to other teams so that I can see if such a theory could exist.

I will be conducting a series of sessions of these this week, I want to test the theory in different environments and at different locations which I will video blog and write my findings over the coming months.

The perfect environment to test this theory would be environments which already create a natural echo when we talk e.g. a cave.

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