What Are Ghosts Made Of?

A most common question you see in paranormal groups by members is ‘What are Ghosts made of’?

Obviously a ghost isn’t made of flesh, organs, blood like how they would have been in person, this is assuming they even exist, but if they do and you believe they do there is a few theories out there.

There is believed to be two type of hauntings

  • Residual hauntings – which is an imprint of energy that has been left behind by someone who may have suffered a tragic, traumatic or early death, examples of this may be murder, suicide or execution.

Its believed the energy that is used by the body and brain while experiencing death it can be so intense during the event that on anniversaries of such a event, when energies are the highest point in time or some one is sensitive to such a energy the positive or negative emotions may cling to its surroundings in the environment, this is called the ‘Stone Tape Theory’. The theory suggests that energy can be captured and stored like a video recording in the surrounding bricks, woodwork, stone and even soil. Many believe that you can not communicate with a residual haunting. The ghost seen is not aware of their surroundings and it is nothing more than a reflection of the past replaying. They can not communicate with you and are not aware of your presence.

  • Intelligent Hauntings – Where ghosts are aware they have passed, they will throw things, move things and are more known to interact.

Many believe that if ghosts do indeed exist then they must be made up of some kind of energy, but lets look at it in the terms of particles and energy sources combined…….

Photons: Most often then not, most will report a ghost to have some kind of light form, this suggests that ghosts could possibly be comprised of the basic unit of light, called photons. Photons however, does not carry an electrical charge but are known to emit different energy forms (infrared light, gamma rays, etc) and is known to affect electromagnetic waves, such as and radio waves etc.  Photons can pass through solid objects where visible light struggles to do so due to wavelength and frequency. Different wavelengths of photons are actually what allows us to see matter in the visible spectrum. The waves bounce off of atoms, visible light interacting with many solid things.

Neutrinos: Also called “ghost particles,” and are smaller than atoms . Atoms make up the physical world but Neutrinos and are known by scientists to be able to pass through objects. Again Neutrinos do not carry a electrical charge meaning if the stone tape theory does indeed exist the atom (the object the ghost is passing through) would regret the Neutrino (the ghost in this instance).

Plasma:  Plasma is the fourth state of matter beyond a solid, liquid or gas. It is comprised of charged particles called ions and electrons. Plasma is a collection of atoms which have absorbed so much energy that the electrons have separated from their nuclei. There is so many types of plasma that there is a chance that ghosts could be as there is so many different forms of it, its just we don’t understand it yet. Plasma conducts electricity and radiates electromagnetic waves. A example of a Plasma source would be a Neon light. The neon light is created by energizing gas a sealed glass tube, until it glows.

What are your thoughts and theories on what ghosts could be made of?












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