UFO Captured in Derbyshire, UK?

Before I begin I am not saying I have caught a little green man in a suit flying a space craft, the term UFO actually means a Unidentified Flying object, meaning that a object has been caught in the sky which people can not identify.

On the 15th of June this year I set out to investigate a mine located in Derbyshire, looking for ghosts and ghouls! The team arrived at the site at roughly 10:30PM UK time.

I was late for a live due to another location being shut and took a picture and posted it on The Paranormal Hauntings home page at 22:39 a picture of where I was. Here is the picture

At 10:41 I took a picture again and sent it to a member of the team to say I would be 2 minutes before going live.

Its on this picture that the strange object is within the sky.

It wasn’t until the day after that I spotted this.

It was cloudy, so it wasn’t the sun, moon , stars or satellites as it was in front of the clouds. The mine is in a location which is secluded and nobody was around that I could see. It was also very peaceful around the area and I can not remember hearing a sound of a drone or a plane.

The live can be seen here, which was literally minutes after I had sent this to team.


I decided to post the picture on The Paranormal Hauntings group to see what they thought it could be.

Some thought maybe a drone, but as suggested it would have had to be a big drone. Paranormal Investigator, Gary Denton had a look through numerous drone models and struggled to find a exact match. Here is the link he sent me to look through myself.


He then suggested it could be osprey v22, but again it wasn’t a exact match compared to my picture and ended with saying it was a good catch and worthly of a visit!

Last Friday I did a investigation with PSI, Mark Lindsey, he suggested he would send it to Joshua Warren from Lemar in Texas, who looks into this phenomena more then myself, to see if they may be able to shred some light on it. He sent it off and the response was that it could possibly be a optical illusion but it is most certainly fits with the UFO term as being a unidentified object!

Mark looked for commercial and private airlines and he came across three RAF bases that seems to be common with UFO sightings, one in particular which was particular abandoned during WW2.

Mark found that a few miles away there is a paragliding company who also work with small crafts, but looking distance from the camera it would mean it would have to be the size of a car. It could possibly resemble a glider but there is a percentage still left for it to be unidentified based on the lighting and how big it is.

Another possibly is it could have been the ‘ghost plane in Derbyshire’

Over the last few months, people in Derbyshire reported seeing a eerie ghost plane flying silently over Derbyshire. Air force chiefs however, revealed that three military aircrafts were in the area that these sightings occurred and they tend to fly over the peak district as it is less populated.

So could it have been a ‘ghost plane’ sighting? its possible but most of the reports from people seeing these reported that the plane was dark in colour and has you can see in my picture this had a light source throughout it, so without contacting the RAF and convincing them to give me this information, I can not say it is or it isn’t and again couldn’t say if it would be exact match to what I caught.

So for me, I am quite chuffed with this photograph, to me and to several others, I have indeed caught a UFO – a unidentified flying object, which has triggered my interest in the UFO phenomena and has triggered many other investigators to arrange a sky watch within this area in the coming months.

So stay tuned for this….

Whats your thoughts, can you identify it?

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