Doll Tor – The Ying and Yang Effect Stone Circle.

Yesterdays explore was at Doll Tor located in Derbyshire only a short distance from the Nine ladies stone circle. I thought it would be a perfect explore and fit in well with it being the Summer solstice.

Doll tor consists of 6 stones and more or less stand as they would during the bronze age.


It is believed by many that the circle could be some kind of portal.

The area is surrounded with clooties and other votive offerings and blogs suggest the circle has a light and dark side to it as pagan and wiccan rituals take place.

Red ribbons suggest the light dark where twigs arranged in a Blair witch style (as seen in the blue picture vaguely) is the darker.

The site Urban Ghosts also has pictures of similar arrangements when they explored the site too.

And many other bloggers have said they have found the same too!

I did venture into the woodland area where it did seem somewhat darker…

On a stone, laid feathers as though plucked something that is done for rituals ( but it could have also been wildlife), within this area there was also a sheltered area, a cave like structure with a metal shelter over the top.

Within this area I took a 360 degree picture to see how people felt about this area and posted it on the page. Some said nothing but many said they felt a blue lady haunted this area and that it belong to some kind of covern. At this point I had not posted where I was at all just a 360 degree angle of a woodland area.

One follower: Nicola Brown posted this, appears to look like a lady in a blue dress, but as one follower suggested it could be a stump.

another picture posted was here

I used thermal imager which detected the circle was warmer in the middle rather then on the outer side and sunlight through the trees appeared cooler rather then warmer, this could have been empty bird nests but this is something we will be going back to check next week.

The temperature around the stones was much cooler (but it was a shaded area) but from 20 degrees in the sunlight the temperature around the circle was between 8 and 11 max. 11 max being in the middle.

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