The Pendulum With a Difference! Try as a Trigger Object!


If you like using the pendulum and fancy a different approach on how you use so there is no human interaction when using it then you could try making one of these yourself.

This is simply stand costs roughly around 7.99 to buy from Ebay and you get two.

Look at this on eBay

This link will show you a few other ways to attach your pendulum but as in the picture above I have dangled my pendulum over the hook and tied it at the top.

The Pendulum can still move side to side, backwards and forwards and in a circular motion.

This would be useful to use as a trigger object, you could also place a board/piece of paper or a matt underneath with yes and no on as shown in the below picture.


Pendulums have been used for many years and many swear by it but a sceptics response would be that there is human interference there and you could therefore be moving be it subconsciously, so take that away and see what happens!

It could provide some interesting results!


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