The Church of Ghosts!


St Georges Church in the Czech Republic is a abandoned church that dates back to the 13th Century.

The church it self has such a troubled past. During the Hussite wars it was destroyed and was later built again in the 16th century but during the following century it was again destroyed by a fire. In 1968 the medieval church was permanently abandoned by the locals after the ceiling and part of the roof collapsed during a funeral service sending everyone running outside. The locals then considered this to be a omen and the church sat empty for four decades and was allowed to deteriorate. The locals decided to held sermons and services outside instead.


What you see today is by the efforts of artist Jakub Hadrava, who some would say his efforts was to save a cursed church. He placed the ghostly statues within St Georges Church on November 16th, 2014 and used plaster to create them and equipped them with eerie lighting to give it the mass creepier effect at night. They also contain phosphorous which after absorbing the rays of the sun during the day it causes them to eerily glow once it gets dark.

Jakub said the ghostly figures represent the ghosts of the Germans who lived in the town of Lukova before World War II who came to pray every Sunday.

and….. it would seem the ghosts prayers have been answered……. Thousands come to visit St Georges Church to see Jakub’s efforts and many leave donations to keep the church open and to have it restored to its original state…..


I can safety say its a new one of our bucket list to visit…….

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