10 Most Common Dreams – What could they mean?

Every night while we sleep, every one of us creates 5 dream Episodes. These dreams can last between 15 to 40 minutes. So when you add it up we spend 2 hours dreaming every night, whether you remember them or not!.
So with 7 billion dreamers on the planet, that means within 24 hours 35 Billion dreams are created.

Dreams can mirror fundamental behaviors in us and many believe dreams can reflect who we are, what we need and what we believe in.

Here are my 10 top dreams and their possible meanings.

10. Teeth Falling out


The most common dream relating to your teeth falling is having them crumble into your hands, falling out one by one or rotting.
These type of dreams can be a reflection of your anxieties about yourself and how you feel others may be perceiving you.

These dreams can stem from embarrassment, fear of being rejected or feelings of unattractiveness.

Dreaming of losing your teeth could also relate to communication problems, indicating that you are finding it more difficult to talk highlighting a possible problem you may be having with someone or expressing yourself in some way. It indicates feeling powerless as teeth are used to bite, tear and chew.

It may mean that you need a confidence boost or you need more privacy in a situation.

9. Pregnant

Can be a sign that the person is having problems, it can be viewed as a need to start a creative project or actually becoming a parent.

It symbolizes a new idea that has come to the person in their day to day lives that they may want to explore.

8. Being Chased

being chasedDreaming of being chased or running away from something can suggest that you are running away from something that may be causing you some stress, fear or anxiety in you’re waking life.
Running away suggests how you may cope and respond to pressure, stress or fear in your day to day life.

This dream can reoccur until the situation is resolved in you’re waking day life.

7. Flying


Being able to fly in a dream can be interpreted I many ways. It can suggest that someone or something, is stopping you from moving forward if you are dreaming of having a tough time while flying. If you are unable to fly this could indicate that you are struggling to meet high goals set. Flying alone and struggling can mean you are lacking confidence.
Flying ok can mean that you need to let things into place and letting go of current issues.

6. Falling


Dreaming of falling in a dream can suggest you are insecure and have anxiety about a situation.
Failing something in your day to day life can reflect in your dreams and it’s a way of you letting your feelings out about not doing as well as you had hoped for.

To free fall in a dream can symbolize that you are not afraid of changes and you are ready.

To fall in water means that you have strong feelings for someone.

5. Being late

Dreaming that you are late can relate to worrying and anxieties you may have about taking a different direction in your day to day life. You may not be 100% confident in the decision you are making.

It can also mean that you may be feeling as though you are running out of time to get things done.

It can be a kind reminder from your unconscious that it is never too late to do what you want in life.

4. Cheating

To dream of being Cheated on can indicate that your partner may be spending much time on something that does not involve you.

Also indicates a lack of trust.

3. Finding an unused room

Finding a new room in your dream can mean new outlooks and abilities that you have found in yourself.

If the room is white it means you are ready to start a new beginning, a bit like a blank canvas ready for you to paint on it.

2. Naked

Being naked in a dream can symbolize vulnerability and anxiety.

To dream of being naked is a response to feeling exposed, maybe exposing too much about yourself without realizing at the time how much you would be embarrassed by it.

Feeling self conscious in a social situation, for example, introducing yourself to someone you want to impress. Also can indicate that you may feel you didn’t show your best in a situation.

To wear only underwear in a dream can symbolise that your persona has fallen apart and people are seeing through you.

Underwear can also symbolically mean the underlying attitudes and feelings of seldom you may show to others.

1. Dying

To dream of dying or someone dying can symbolise the wish to get rid of something in your life, a relationship, a job or even your past.

This shouldn’t necessarily be classed as a nightmare it should be look upon as a new endeavour or fresh start that should be encouraged.

I feel one more i need to add in is



Being Lost in a Dream
Wandering around through a city or area and finding that you are in unfamiliar surroundings, not knowing which way to turn or where you are common anxiety dreams.

To be lost represents losing your direction in life, losing your bearings, losing your self-sense of purpose.

This dream can indicate that you may need some help in finding your path.

It can also mean you have lost your true meaning in life and you may need to rebalance yourself to find your purpose again.




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