The Haunted Temple – The Ghost of Mae Nak

The legend of Nak Mae ghost in Thailand could be more than just a story….

The Shrine


This shrine is located in Bangkok. A lot of people come here to make offerings to the ghost of Mae Nak, who is said to reside within. Pregnant women come here to seek help for a  easy child-birth or ask out for their husbands to not be forced in to the military.

The story of Nak Mae is based on an event many believe to have taken place between the late 1800s and early 1900s. The story tells of a pregnant lady named Nak who was deeply in love with her husband Mae. Mae was sent away to war and Nak and their baby died during labour.

This is where the story of the legend some what differs, but in general many believe that when Mae returned home, he found his wife and child very much alive and well. They lived together happily and after many informing him that his wife and child was dead he eventually started to believe the rumours and reach the conclusion that he had indeed been living with a ghost!

Mak fled his home and took refuge in a temple. Nak’s ghost was said to haunt the area of Phra Khnong up until a exorcist captured her by putting her spirit into a bottle and throwing it into a river.

How the story ends can also differ, but one story tells that the bottle was fished out the river and she was freed accident and another one tells how a monk recaptured the soul and trapped it within the skeleton remains of Nak’s body.

How much truth is within this legend who knows but normally such tales do come with some truth within its origins regardless…..

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Wat Mahabut Temple, Where Nak Maes Shrine Stands


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  1. Odd, why would he run off just because he found out she and baby were ghosts? To me, it’d be nice because that means you still get to be with your loved one. Sit down with her and have a conversation about the afterlife or such.

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